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5 Best Instagram Stories Filters

There are thousands of filters available for Instagram Stories that don't show up in the suggestion carousel at the button of your Stories creator. When you go searching through these thousands of filters, it can be a little overwhelming. We've narrowed them down to 5 of our favorites that we think you should try ASAP. As you scroll, keep an eye out for our founder Amandina's favorite filters that she uses on the daily.

1. NATURAL by @tyfrench

This is Amandina's top pick. @tyfrench is one of our favorite creatives on Instagram. This filter isn't over edited, but does just enough to glow up the look.

2. BLING by @camilaccontreras

We love love love the vintage vibe of the filter. It creates soft edges with a blurred style that isn't overwhelming or confusing to the eyes. Check out the slight rainbow tint around the edges of the hair. If you take video with this filter, it creates little bits of sparkle and glimmer on the color white.

3. Golden Glow by @summerfridays

If you follow Amandina or Media A La Carte on Instagram, you've probably seen this filter in action. This filter brightens everything and bumps up the exposure. It also adds little bits of glitter that float delicately around the screen.

4. Today (coco filter) by @bonbonedit

This filter screams WARM to us, and as we're heading into the winter, we need all the warmth we can get. It adds a sepia overlay to your photos and videos without pulling them too far into the vintage world. And if you have blue eyes like me, it's going to really make your eyes *pop*.

5. TF: CLEAN by @tyfrench

Yeah. We love @tyfrench's stuff so much that we put 2 of his filters in this list. He has a ton more filters to check out if you want to continue to be inspired. TF: CLEAN is a bit brighter than NATURAL, and creates a bit of a vignette look around the edges.

We love these filters because they make us feel confident when we step into our Stories. Find filters that give you a confidence boost and also match your vibe, and we're sure you'll be showing up in your Stories every day.

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