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Complete Guide to Holiday Content for Your Business

Can you believe it's already November? Neither can we. It's almost Thanksgiving, which means the holiday season is upon us. If you haven't made a plan for your social media holiday content, you need to start now. We have the best advice for how to make your holiday content stand out from the crowd.

Create a Content Calendar

Creating a holiday content calendar is the most important step to help you navigate posting around the holidays. Lay out all the big holiday dates you need to be posting around, and plan your content ahead of time. Here are the major dates you should keep in mind.

November 26th – Thanksgiving November 27th – Black Friday

November 30th – Cyber Monday December 10th -18th – Hanukkah

December 14th – Green Monday December 19th – Super Saturday

December 24th – Christmas Eve December 25th – Christmas

December 26th – Day after Christmas December 26th - Jan 1st – Kwanzaa

Make sure you prepare content to post for each of these days. Be sure to create special promotions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and start posting about them at least a week in advance.

BONUS TIP 🔥: Free Shipping Day happens in mid-December. Businesses that participate in this event give customers free shipping with a guaranteed delivery before Christmas.

Be Inclusive

One good thing that has come out of 2020 is we’ve learned how much we need to be putting inclusivity and diversity first in our lives and purchasing decisions. Gen Z expert Larry Milstein said, “It’s not enough to simply cast diversity and inclusion…you need to build it into the fabric of your brand.” Start reweaving the fabric of your brand this holiday season. While 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas, many don’t celebrate it for religious reasons - and there is still 10% of the population that doesn’t celebrate it at all. If your brand decides to use the word Christmas, make sure you’re also mentioning Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Everyone should be included in the joy of the holiday season, so make sure your brand is making inclusive posting a priority.

Add Images or Videos to Every Post

Instagram already requires an image to be shared with every post, so you're all set on that platform. If you ever share text only posts on Facebook or Twitter, leave that practice behind for the next couple of months. Tweets that include an image get 35% more engagement, and Facebook posts that include an image get 37% more engagement. That's a big return simply from adding a picture. Try investing in some quality, holiday themed product photography so you have stunning images to share throughout the whole holiday season.

Don't forget about videos either. Did you know your product is more likely to sell if social media users see a video of your product? People are 73% more likely to purchase a product if they've seen a video of it in action. Your videos don't have to be highly produced either. With the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, social media users are used to casually produced videos as ads.

Tell Your Brand's Unique Holiday Story

People love stories. Amandina, the founder of Media A La Carte, always says, "People buy stories, not products." This will be true more than ever this holiday season because people can't get to stores as easily to physically see and touch products. People are going to buy from brands they can relate with. Try sharing a story about one of your holiday family traditions - or your company's annual Christmas party. Create a special holiday themed product and give a behind the scenes look at the creation process in your Instagram Stories. Share video footage of yourself packaging a purchase for a customer and give them a personal shout out. These special touches will draw customers to your brand.

If you need help setting up your holiday posting strategy, Media A La Carte is here to help. We want everyone to know your brand's story this holiday season.

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