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It's Time to Prepare for These 2022 Instagram Trends

This week we'll all kiss 2021 goodbye and ring in the new year. Hello 2022! With the new year comes new social media trends you need to watch out for to stay on top of growth and engagement for your brand. We're bringing you 5 trends that are coming to Instagram in 2022.

1. The Chronological Feed is Coming Back

Yup. You read that right. In 2022, the chronological feed is coming back to Instagram. In early December, Instagram tweeted this:

What exactly does this mean? You're going to have more control of part of your Instagram feed. It seems that we will all have a section of Instagram where we can view accounts we've favorited in chronological order. Sounds a bit like the "Following" tab on TikTok ... don't ya think?

What does this mean for your brand? When this chronological feed options rolls out, you might want to include CTAs asking followers to add you to their favorites so they never miss a promotion or sale.

2. Suggested Feed Will Be Introduced

In line with the above, Instagram has hinted that the home page on the app is going to be filled more and more with suggested content - not necessarily content from people you actually follow. Again ... sounds like TikTok's "FYP" doesn't it? This means that come 2022, we might all need to learn a new Instagram algorithm to discover how to get our content on the suggested Instagram feed. We're guessing that focusing on providing entertainment and education will lead to more impressions, which will lead to your content making its way to the "suggested" feed. And remember, Instagram has made it clear that they are no longer a photo sharing app. If you want your content to be suggested by the app, it's time to start investing in video content.

If you want to learn about the new algorithm when Instagram drops the details, be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter here.

3. Video Formats Will Continue to Merge

As we all know, IGTV is no more. When Instagram rolled out Instagram Video, they merged all non-Reel video formats into one place. As Instagram tries to compete more and more with TikTok, we think that Instagram will adopt more and more of TikTok's features. One Instagram user shared on Twitter that Instagram had changed the way they view their stories. See below:

This vertical swipe is identical to the way users interact with TikTok videos and because of that, Instagram immediately adapted that for Reels. We predict that Instagram stories might start to be mixed in with the Reels feed - all accessible in one infinite feed of vertical swiping.

4. Make Your Memes Move

Video content is the new Queen on socials. We all know that Reels are important, but we've now reached the point that any static content on your feed can be hurting rather than helping - especially if it isn't a photo of a person related to the brand. There is a simple fix. Instead of creating memes with photos, simply use a short video or GIF for your memes. The movement catches the eye of the scroller, and Instagram's algorithm will appreciate that you're posting video content instead of static photos. Check out the example below from Media A La Carte's Instagram.

5. Creators Will Drive Sales for Brands

Affiliate commerce is going to take over the way we shop on Instagram. While this feature was beginning to be available to some creators in summer of 2021, in the new year anyone will be able to participate in the affiliate commerce program.

This means that while you're scrolling through your favorite influencer's posts - or even your best friend's - you'll be able to tap on their posts and see the tagged products they're using. You'll be able to purchase them directly in the app, and the creator who tagged them will receive a commission from the brand.

We're very interested to see what this open access to influencing does to traditional influencer contracts. Will the market become oversaturated when anyone can influence? Or will traditional influencer contracts fall to the wayside as influencers can take their earning into their own hands without having to go through all the red tape of brand negotiations.

Instagram is ever changing and adapting to the needs of its audience - which is why it's our favorite social media app! But all those changes can be exhausting to keep up with. When you know about the trends early, they're much easier to add to your social strategy gradually, instead of playing catch up when they become mainstream.

We're wishing you all the social media success in the New Year! And if you need a little help, Media A La Carte is only a click away.

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