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Level Up Your Instagram Story Aesthetic With These Filters

Sometimes you just do not want to show your face on Instagram stories, and that's okay! In fact, it's good to give people a break from selfies or talking videos all the time, and toss in some stories that show your day to day life. But we still want those stories to look on brand and have peak aesthetic. Try out these filters we've collected to turn your Story photography into something you can be proud to share.

1. FRAME Vol.2 by lenkoplii

This filter takes whatever your camera sees and puts it into different framed layouts of your choice. It has so many options to choose from, and it gives your story a clean cut look.

2. FRAME AESTHETIC 1.0 by lenkopii

This filter is perfect for brands with a feminine aesthetic. The camera has a rosy filter, and the frame options include florals and vintage style cursive hand writing. This filter makes elevating the every day simple.

3. Remind Me by nasim3h

Don't want to use a graphic design app to get this cute, encouraging pop up? You don't have to! Try this filter for a kind reminder to your followers. The filter can either add a pink or yellow hue to your photo.