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What is SEO? (and how to make your socials boost your rankings)

SEO is a major buzzword in the digital marketing world. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Okay … so what is search engine optimization? SEO is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a website by making sure that the website appears high on the list of results on a search engine like Google. SEO is extremely important if you’re trying to get your product or brand found online. People are actively searching for solutions to their problems - and if you are offering those solutions, you want to make sure you show up easily on Google. There are so many SEO dos and don’ts when it comes to your website - which we’ll hit in another post - but today, we’re going to focus on how to make sure your social media is pulling its weight for your brand’s SEO.

How Do Social Media and SEO Connect?

First off, your social media posts are not indexed and searchable on Google. You’re not trying to make your individual posts pop up on Google, rather your social media profiles and website. So if you’re not trying to make your posts pop up on Google, how can they help? If you are producing content that users share and interact with, slowly but surely those interactions will lead to hits on your website and your posts being linked to outside sources. Check out this infographic that perfectly explains the connection between social media and its effects on SEO.

5 Practices to Put into Place to Make Your Social Media Support Your SEO

1. Put Your Website in Your Bio (Stop Reading and Go Do It Right Now)

As shown in the graphic above, the most direct way your social media can affect your SEO is users seeing your posts, heading to your profile, and clicking on the link in your bio. This will drive traffic to your website, and up your rankings on Google. Be sure to use CTAs in your captions to lead your followers to your website as often as possible.

2. Create Consistent, Quality Content

This practice (which you should already be doing to gain followers on your social media platforms) is highly recommended by Forbes as the most affective way to get your SEO up through your social media. If you make crush worthy content - the likelihood that people will make their way to your website will sky rocket. Shareable content also helps boost your SEO. We're not talking about the kind of "shareable" we normally discuss - like sharing to Instagram stories, retweeting, or reposting. This kind of shareable means users would copy the link to your post and add the link to an article they're writing, or share the link to another social media platform. This kind of sharing isn't as easy - and you have no control over it as the poster (it's hard to fit the sentence above into a casual CTA), but if you are creating great educational content, people will want to link your information to their own content. Keep up the hard work you're already putting in on your content, and slowly but surely it will help your SEO.