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Why Your Social Media Strategy Should Focus on Quantity Over Quality in 2023

We’ve always been told that quality is more important than quantity, but in the saturated social sphere of 2023, we’re here to argue that the opposite is actually true. You might not believe we’re saying this, but on any social media platform, the quantity of your content matters more than the quality of that content. Not convinced? Keep reading!

Now, of course we’re not saying that quality doesn’t matter at all. If you follow Media À La Carte’s social media platforms (or those of our awesome clients), you know that we care a lot about the content we put out there. We care about grammar, aesthetics, engagement, and providing meaningful value to our audiences. But, while curating quality content is our standard, publishing a greater quantity of content is our strategy.

Okay … But why?

Not to play Debbie Downer, but did you know your followers only see 10% of everything you post on social media? That means if you spend several hours formulating the perfect post chock full of info and inspo, only 1 out of every 10 people following you see that post (let alone read and absorb it in full…).

We know you spend hours writing the most inspiring copy, posting relevant trends, and editing images and reels to perfection. But to be honest, that’s kind of a waste of time. And we all know that time is money, especially in marketing. A better plan? Keep rolling out the content. Obsessing over every caption and graphic is keeping you from connecting with your audience. Stressing out over the little detail is holding you back from the growth you’re hoping for.

How to Keep Your Quantity Content from Turning Into Bad Quality Content

While bad content is never a good idea (read: SPAM), generally the more content you post, the better chance you have at being seen. That doesn’t mean you should dumb down your content—Rather, you should strategize your content in a way that will reach and land with more people.

  1. Break down big ideas into shorter posts. Don’t bombard your followers with too much information all at once. Curating “content pillars” (also known as “content categories” or “content buckets”) enables you to align your posts under a common, cohesive theme.

  2. Reshare archived content. Chances are, you’ve gained a good number of followers in the last year and they’re not likely to go back to the beginning of your feed. Don’t be scared to reshare previous posts in a new way (new graphic, reel, caption, etc.).

  3. Sometimes less is more. Too much text, sights, and sounds can overwhelm your audience. You don’t have to throw everything at them all at once. Sometimes a little tease is more enticing than laying everything out in the open. Be a little coy and let your audience come to you.

These tips are a great place to start, but how does one navigate the network of social media platforms, each so different in its algorithms and audiences? Here’s a little breakdown of the major social media platforms and optimal posting schedules for an aggressive growth strategy:


Ideal Strategy



1 time per day (or 7 times per week)

Facebook prioritizes content from family and friends in news feeds. So, posting more than once per day is ineffective for most brands.


- At least 1 post per day - we don't suggest going higher than 2 posts per day, or your account will start to feel spammy.

- Lean heavier on reels - while sprinkling in carousels and static pots, as IG rebalances their reach

- Up to 7 stories per day

​Use interactive elements in stories to garner engagement and add direct link stickers. Your stories are a PRIME place to sell.


3-10 times per day

The average ‘lifetime’ of a tweet is only 15-20 minutes.


1-4 times per day, we know this is a LOT but it's also the consensus that this is the average amount you need to be pumping out to grow quickly

Frequent posting helps you land on users’ “For You Page” feed.


4-10 times per day (pins AND repins)

Engagement favors consistency. Remember that building up a Pinterest is like building up SEO for your website - it's going to take a ton of content.


1 time per business day

Posts during business hours garner higher engagement.

And yet … Do not take our advice to the extreme. We are NOT encouraging you to post 10, 15, or 20 times per day on each and every platform. Spam is real and it is annoying. Spamming your audience is a surefire way to get them to click ‘unfollow.’ Stick to the “Ideal Strategy” suggestions. Imagine yourself in the customer’s shoes. How often would you like to see posts from your page? There’s a fine line between staying relevant and going overboard. Use your own instinct as a guide.

Want our advice to put this quantity focused social strategy into action? Here’s our proposed plan for your brand:

  1. Design your own social media schedule out of the table above with a goal to hit at least the minimum recommended posts per day for each platform. Remember that your content should not be exactly the same on each platform since they have unique user bases. Revisit our blog about social media platforms to better understand the best way to target each platform.

  2. In executing your content plan (our favorite management tools is Later), try to dedicate the same (or about the same) amount of time and energy to social media as you had before.

  3. After two weeks of putting this new strategy into action, take a look at your social media analytics. Note changes in impressions, engagement, followers, and leads.

  4. With data to support your test run, you can now work to tweak your social media strategy (posting more frequently on a certain platform, dedicating more time to reels instead of static posts, or creating more interactive stories to direct traffic to your website). Every brand is different, and continuous experimentation and evaluation will help you add nuance and maximize impact.

How to Easily Up Your Content Quantity

If you feel overwhelmed or have already been having a hard time creating social media content (let alone upping your content quantity) for your brand, let us help take the load off! Join the Content Calendar Club. After working with over one hundred clients, we started to hear similar complaints about social media … They didn’t have the time, the ideas, or the strategy to succeed.


And while this was a common feeling, we noticed there was no affordable option for brands to actually solve these problems. You could either pay $10 for cookie cutter trend ideas (and look just like everyone else) or pay $1,000 for a one-time custom marketing plan…But, there was nothing in the middle. Additionally, the “solutions” we were seeing were not universally applicable (i.e. you can’t use the same marketing strategy for service-based businesses as for product-based businesses). So, after doing all the market research and coming up short, we decided to create a real solution ourselves.

The Content Calendar Club delivers a done-for-you content strategy with prompts for reels, carousels, captions, and stories to help you grow your audience and convert them to customers. With two weeks of content concepts delivered straight to your inbox every other week and access to our exclusive Club on Facebook to ask the MALC team your most burning questions, you’ll never feel lost on social media again. Plus, you can cancel your membership any time. No commitment but truly limitless possibilities. What have you got to lose?

Here’s what members are saying …

The Content Calendar Club helps you up your quantity without compromising your quality. Your membership also secures you FREE access to all the templates in our shop, as well as entry to our private CCC Facebook group where you can ask the MALC team questions. Ready to join the Club? Become a member here.

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