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Do it yourself. 
But don't do it alone


For entrepreneurs and individuals who want high end support building a bingeable brand on social. 

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Grow your


I have extensive experience scaling brands on social. Let's grow yours together.

Feeling stuck? Doing everything right but the needle isn't moving? We'll work together to holistically look at your marketing plan to increase reach, impressions, followers, and sales. 



The 3 Month Method

Media A La Carte's signature 3 month accelerated consulting program to help you scale your social presence, get clear on your digital marketing, and reach your goals.

Maybe you've worked with a strategist before or you've tried to put systems in place but it's just not working for you.


This 3 month program allows for a longer period of support and accountability. We'll get clear on the issues and create a plan in the 1st month, then the next 2 are dedicated to implementation and problem solving.


Have a question in between our two meetings a month? Want to know if a graphic looks good or if your copy is on the right track? Send it over for approval. You'll receive unlimited support in between our 2 monthly calls.


And just to be clear- it's COMPLETELY customizable to your needs.

Download the brochure below for further details and pricing. 

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90 Minute Intensives

You need direction on social media. You might have a good idea of what to post but you're doing so without a strategy and your efforts so far aren't getting you the results you're looking for. And you have so many questions!

You'll fill out a questionnaire prior to our 90 minute session so that we can get clear on an agenda and make the most of our time. I'll come ready to cover as much as we can so you leave feeling educated and invigorated- with a strategy for success!

Ideas for what we can cover in our time together:


Custom social media strategy

Audit of your accounts and efforts

Competitor analysis- how do you stack up

Advising on best practices, posting schedule, and cadence

Growth tactic recommendations


Content calendar how to

Content planning and execution

Reels planning

Trends and integration






Download the brochure below for further details and pricing. 


Reels /TikTok Planning + Editing

We know how time consuming coming up with ideas and editing Reels + TikToks can be. So we do it for you. From research and planning to editing, all you have to do is record.

You don't want to spend time finding trends, thinking of how you could apply them to your niche, OR figuring out what the overlay text should be.

We'll do ALL the research for you and then map it out in a convenient shot list with links to the example video, links to the soundbite, exact filming instructions, and overlay text to include.

We can even handle the editing for you. 

Save time, double your video output. 

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Monthly Content Planning

Our Monthly Content Planning service was born out of our clients' needs for a more budget friendly option than full scale social media management BUT more personalized support than a generic content calendar download. 

Do you feel like the hardest part of the content creation process is just coming up with ideas? 

Do you struggle with consistency because you don't have time to make a plan that communicates everything you want to say about your business?

Do you create posts last minute without purpose just to get something up on the feed?

Are you a busy entrepreneur who doesn't want to hand off their social media completely but would welcome the additional support of having their content planned for them for the month? 

This is the solution for you. 


Ready to get started?

Fill out the form below and the team will reach out to set up a 30 minute discovery call with Amandina. Start dates for the 3 Month Method and 90 Minute Intensives are usually fully booked up to a month in advance. 


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