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Social Media for
Actors + Creatives


60 minute prerecorded presentation + 4 free resources


This masterclass bundle will help you take your social to the next level on your own time.  

"When an actor comes across my plate, and I’ve never heard of them, I look you up on Instagram. [Social media] is what sells you. I see you way more online than I ever see you in person, so that online presence is so important [today].”

- Benton Whitley of Stewart/Whitley Casting via Backstage

If that quote above gave you 
it's time to take action. 

Listen. Not everyone has to have a million followers. 

What you do have to have is:

-An online presence that represents you well.

-An understanding of how to use your social media to your advantage. 

Does this sound like you?

  •  You see other actors making connections, getting agents, and booking by growing their social media presence

  • You're frustrated that you never have any idea what you should be posting

  • You wish you had a clear set of guidelines on what to post and what not to post as an actor- you want someone to just tell you what to do!

  • If only they taught you about branding, photo editing, hashtags, and the algorithm in your BFA program...

This class will clear ALL of that up and give you the tools to be successful on social - for the price of a voice lesson. 

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Don't let

social media

be the thing that holds you back.

What will you learn?

Most social media courses targeting actors tell you to post your new headshots and your most recent self-tape. Bleh. We’re digging in deeper with our 60 minute Masterclass that shares in detail how we grew from 0 - 11K followers in a year, and how you can do the same.


  • Get clear on your branding

  • Use hashtags correctly

  • Create content consistently

  • Implement a content strategy

  • Lightroom photo editing

  • Reels/TikTok editing

  • How to interpret your analytics so you know what’s working and what isn’t


  • What your goals on social really are: showing or growing

  • When to post

  • What to post

  • What your brand is

  • How to set yourself apart on social

  • How to make meaningful connections online and use them to your advantage


  • The ability to present a strong brand for industry professionals

  • Up your cast-ability as you grow your following

  • Learn how to monetize your following

  • Position yourself as an influencer

  • Templates, worksheets, and resources

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Meet your

I have extensive experience scaling brands on social. And I'm a working actor, too.

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I just closed a run of 'A Class Act' at Theatre Row Off-Broadway, shot commercials for Toyota and Babe Rosè, and filmed an industrial for a tech company in the past year alone. While doing that, I launched our social media agency in May of 2020 and have since scaled it to a multi 6 figure brand, over 11k followers on Instagram, and a team of 4 in less than 2 years. 

I have a dual degree in Musical Theatre and Marketing from the University of Miami and spent several years working in fashion PR representing brands like Christian Siriano and 7 For All Mankind. 

All that to say- I know what's up in the digital space. I saw there was a huge gap in offerings to support actors in learning how to market themselves online. This masterclass is a culmination of years of expertise - curated just for you and packed with value. 



Free additional resources included

After watching our 60 minute intensive course, you’ll walk away with incredible value that will support your social media goals like our content calendar template and personal branding questionnaire. 


100 Content Ideas to Turn Your Real Life into Instagram Posts

Never run out of ideas for content again! With this eBook, you’ll constantly be inspired on how to share your day to day life as an actor with your audience.

FREE with Masterclass enrollment.

12-Month Content Calendar


Without a plan, it’s really hard to be consistent on social media! This content calendar is easy to fill out, and helps you define the goal of each post with user-friendly drop down options for each post.

FREE with Masterclass enrollment.


How to Edit Your Photos + Videos E-Book

We’re moving past the Instagram filters, and breaking down the basics of Adobe Lightroom and teaching you to edit Reels + TikToks.

FREE with Masterclass enrollment.


Defining Your Brand Worksheet

By answering the questions in this workbook, you’ll walk away with clarity on the brand you want to present on social.

FREE with Masterclass enrollment.

We've worked with some pretty cool


- Janine DiVita- Broadway actress, producer, and writer

"Media A La Carte is what I've always needed: an insightful, savvy, creative, and efficient company that does it all. I love that plethora of collaborative options they provide and how forward thinking the brand and company is as a whole. Brainstorming and strategizing with Amandina is so great because she is positive and realistic at the same time. Thank goodness for this company!"

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Here's the tea on working with Amandina...

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What are you waiting for?

Watch and implement on your own time. 

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