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Social Strategies
That Get Results


30 minute prerecorded masterclass

60 page deck presentation workbook

Content calendar template

Example strategy and strategy template


Understanding what a social strategy is, defining your goals, and
creating a content plan to get you there.

"Follower count does matter.
So stop wasting time on content that doesn't move the needle.
It's time to get clear on your strategy."

- Amandina Altomare, CEO

Everyone knows that social media is a powerful marketing tool. But with Instagram releasing new updates every other day and the constant pressure to be on TikTok, it can be hard to decipher what to focus on and what is really necessary to grow your brand. We have clients ask us all the time: what are your top 3 tips to reach your goals on social? Well. Here they are, all wrapped up in a nice masterclass packed with value.

Does this sound like you?

  •  You're on social media because you know that's where your audience is, but you you're struggling with how to reach them.

  • You look up and realize your businesses hasn't posted on Instagram in weeks or you just don't understand why you're not getting any engagement. 

  • When you do post, you're not sure why you're even posting ... you hear the word 'strategy' thrown around all over the place on social but you secretly have no idea what that really means. 

This masterclass will teach you what a social media strategy is, how to write one for your brand or business, and how to create a content plan to apply that strategy.


The way you view social media will never be the same again.

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Social media without strategy

is a waste of your precious time.

What will you learn?

Everyone online is saying to post with a purpose - but no one is teaching you how do that. We're breaking down how we craft social strategies for all of our clients.


  • Choose your primary platform

  • Understand the algorithms

  • Set achievable social goals

  • Write a strategy that converts

  • Create a content plan


  • What a social strategy is

  • Where your primary audience is

  • Why your brand is on social

  • Your social roadmap

  • Your KPIs


  • The ability to create your brand's strategy for social

  • An understanding of how to manage your time to achieve your social goals

  • Professional templates and a workbook

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Meet your

I have extensive experience scaling brands on social, with nearly a decade in marketing and PR under my belt.

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I launched my social media agency in May of 2020 and have since scaled it to a multi 6 figure brand, over 12k followers on Instagram, and a team of 5 in less than 2 years. 

The company has helped over 150 businesses and individuals grow their online presences since its inception. With a passion for KPIs and an insatiable New York work either, my team and I have become coveted partners for brands in the fashion, wellness, hospitality, and entertainment spaces.

I have a dual degree in Marketing and Musical Theatre from the University of Miami and spent several years working in fashion PR representing brands like Christian Siriano and 7 For All Mankind. 

This masterclass breaks down how I identify and craft  strategies for clients so they finally start seeing results on their social media.



Free additional resources included

After watching our 30 minute masterclass, you’ll walk away with resources to begin your social media journey - with strategy in tow.


Example Strategy + Template

After you watch this masterclass, you'll be ready to dive into your own social strategy. Follow this example strategy and template to guide your strategy writing.

FREE with Masterclass enrollment.

12-Month Content Calendar

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Without a plan, it’s really hard to be consistent on social media! This content calendar is easy to fill out, and helps you define the goal of each post with user-friendly drop down options for each post.

FREE with Masterclass enrollment.


60 Page Workbook

Are you a visual learner? We've packed this masterclass into a 60 page workbook for you to reference anytime you need to brush up on social media strategy.

FREE with Masterclass enrollment.

We've supported hundreds of brands on social ...

"Loved this masterclass! Packed with value. Loved how you defined strategies for each goal of where you are in the funnel from brand awareness to conversions. "

- Victoria I.

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Here's the tea on working with Amandina...

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Tired of wasting your time?

Learn how to identify content that converts and grow your social media through strategy. 

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