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Top TikTok Trends for May 2022

We're bringing you a great mix of lip syncing trends, a filter trend, and one trend that started as a dancing trend - but has since adapted to work for any niche. Remember that sometimes these trends will migrate their way over to Instagram Reels, so it's always best to screen record your TikTok without the watermark so you have it for later to repost so you can make the most out of your content creation.

1. "One thing about me ..."

This trend is EASY. So easy in fact, you have no excuse not to make this reel and post it today. Over a video of yourself doing a random task (eating, scrolling on your computer, drinking coffee, etc.) put text that starts with "Something about me is ..." or "One thing about me is ..." Then go on to share a fact about yourself that is a little bit niche - but also relatable. Ex. "One thing about me is I will let my food get cold waiting for Netflix to load." or "One thing about me is that I will be showing up late with an iced coffee." You get it. Now go make it.

2. "Thirty thousand ...?"

This is a super adaptable lip syncing trend. You can use it to make a joke about something expensive, the amount of things you still have to do, how many texts your mom sent you, etc.

3. "I'm done with the conversation now."

This trend takes a bit more filming prowess and it isn't as adaptable (but it can be done). The trend is mostly people making a joke that they would do whatever someone they find really attractive tells them to do. You'll need to film the last clip in slow-mo to really get the comedic timing.

But some creators have been shifting the joke, to great effect - as seen below - proving that with creativity, you can make this viral trend work for you.

4. About Damn Time by Lizzo

Yes, this did start out as a dancing trend, but before you run away in fear - you don't have to dance. You should take advantage of this extremely viral song though. Put it over any kind of video you want - and watch the virality of the song bring views to your video. If you're brave enough to try the dance - you'll definitely get views too.

5. Tiny Bee

This trend has TikTok written all over it - a completely unaesthetic filter paired with an obscure soundbite - perfection. Simply film yourself lip syncing the sound bite with the Tiny Bee filter. Then put text over the video sharing something that no one can stop you from doing.

We'll be back next month with our top TikTok Trends - so you don't have to search for them yourself.

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