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Plan out your successful launch, challenge or BootCamp & get your first cohort of students. 


Launching doesn't have to be scary. Really. No seriously - we promise!


If you haven't heard of what a launch is before - here is the low down. Commonly when you create a course, you will also launch it to a group of ideal clients who your course would be able to help!


By this point in time you will have (hopefully!) validated your idea and you know exactly who it's for.


Sometimes they are called launches, sometimes challenges, sometimes even bootcamps but usually they are interactive and shine a light on what makes you special as a course creator.


They can be a fantastic way to not only sell the course you have worked so, so hard on but also for you to connect with and build your audience. Great launches are engaging, fun and bite-sized in nature so you audience can have a quick win, and get a taste of what your course and working with you would be like!


This planner runs through the pre-launch stage, pricing, launch, and post-launch phase for a full overview of what you need to do to hit your numbers and be successful. 

No B.S. Launch Planner

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