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5 TikTok Trends to Try This Week

Hopping on TikTok trends early will help you gain views on the app, and it allows you to work ahead for Instagram. Trends typically begin on TikTok and slowly migrate over to Instagram Reels. Get the work done now, screen record your drafts, and then thank yourself later when you already have the perfect video to post on Reels when the trend finally pops up on your Reels feed.

1. "I could've said that ..."

Share something you could have said that would have been the tough truth, and then share what you tell people instead. This trend can be serious or comedic.

2. "The best of both worlds."

Do you have a problem that simply causes more problems and gets you into a viscous cycle? Use this trend to bring some humor to the situation.

3. "I'm your biggest fan."

This trend is hysterical, and it can be applied to many different niches. Does your business have a favorite app you use every day? Use this trend to showcase it. Are you absolutely obsessed with your clients? Let them know with this trend.

4. "Things people have said to me ..."

Do you always get weird comments from people because of your profession? Share them with this trend. And yes - if you want the trend to really land - dancing a bit will help up the views.

5. August Recap using August by Taylor Swift

As August is coming to a close, it's time to post your August recaps. Luckily, Taylor Swift has provided us with the perfect anthem to help us show how our Augusts slipped away like moments in time. Empty our your camera roll with this simple trend.

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