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5 Tips For Stellar Visual Content

Instagram is a visual app. Heck, it started out with us all posting photos with intense sepia filters. Now, Instagram is so much more than just a photo-sharing app, but that doesn’t mean the visual aspect of the platform isn’t still the most important element. With all the content out there, you’ve got to grab your viewer’s attention—and fast! So, no matter what kind of content you’re posting…an infographic, carousel, image, reel, or text-based post—you want it to captivate the viewer and get them to spend more time on your post rather than simply scroll past it.

We know we took hold of your attention by claiming we had just “5 tips for stellar visual content.” But…we lied (and that’s a good thing!). We’ve actually got 5 tips for each of the visual posts we mentioned above: infographics, carousels, images, reels, and text-based posts. You’re welcome.


  • Create a visual hierarchy to guide the viewer through the post. Typically that means up-to-down and right-to-left in terms of direction, and making important information stand out with large or bold font. 

  • Your color scheme, fonts, and use of icons/images should align with your brand aesthetic. If the infographic doesn’t look good amongst your IG grid, it’s time to rethink the design. Don’t forget to include your brand logo or watermark.

  • Keep it simple. Don’t overcrowd your infographic with too much text or design elements. Whitespace can actually make a post more visually appealing.

  • If your infographic includes data, make it visual with charts and graphs to better show what you’re trying to get across. FYI It’s a good idea to cite your sources in the caption.

  • For better engagement, you want people to share your posts. So, make your infographic shareable. What do we mean by that? Ensure that it’s visually appealing, easy to understand, and aligned with your brand image. 


  • A carousel is a great instagram tool because, like a Powerpoint presentation, you get to tell a story. As such, each slide should contribute to the overall narrative, paving the way for the next slide in the story or step-by-step guide.

  • Your first slide is the most important. Yes, the last slide is important too but who cares if your viewer doesn’t even stop to swipe all the way through? Make your first slide eye-catching by including an intriguing question or bold statement.

  • You want viewers to feel compelled to swipe right (in your carousel, not just on dating apps!). Your title slide should capture their attention and each subsequent slide should tease the next. 

  • Stay consistent with your visual theme (like we said above, it should align with your overall brand aesthetics). 

  • Include a call-to-action at the end of your carousel. You don’t just want your viewer to keep scrolling but to act (share, comment, purchase, visit, etc.). 


  • We’ve said it a million times. It is so important to publish high-quality images. Use your team’s best smartphone camera (*clean the lens!) or, better yet, a professional digital camera.

  • Every post in your Instagram feed should be telling some sort of story, or at least evoking emotion from the viewer. Share customer testimonials, before and after photos, behind-the-scenes looks, and photos of your product in action.

  • Play with composition: lines, symmetry, framing, the rule of thirds, and using lighting, contrast, and color to make your images stand out from their backgrounds.

  • Don’t use filters (or use them consistently to maintain a cohesive aesthetic). Filters often make content look unprofessional.

  • Include people in your feed, at least sometimes. Whether it’s of you or your potential customer, photos of people add a human touch. This can make your content more personal and relatable.


  • Like in a carousel, the first few seconds are most important in capturing your viewer’s attention. Use a hook and/or eye-catching visuals to get them to keep watching. And don’t forget to make the thumbnail engaging too!

  • We recommend keeping reels short and sweet. That means just 15-30 seconds to maintain viewer interest. 

  • Use trending sounds and challenges to augment the discoverability and engagement of your reels. 

  • Add captions for greater accessibility and those who choose to view your video without audio.

  • Take the opportunity to showcase your product or service in action. Create how-to or tutorial reels to provide engaging teaching videos

Text-based posts

  • Make friends with whitespace. It makes your content easier to digest.

  • Be consistent with formatting so that your text-based content looks cohesive and professional in your Instagram grid.

  • Say the most important thing in your image and leave the rest for the caption. Don’t shove so much text into a post that it’s unreadable. 

  • Ask questions to encourage your audience to engage in the comments section. 

  • Text-based posts have their purpose and it's not just to fill space on your feed. Be authentic in your content no matter what kind you’re posting. Tell a story, provide value, include a call-to-action, and watch the magic happen.

All content is meaningful for your brand. So, the more care you can give to your visual content, the more likely your audience will spend some time on it, engage with it, and follow through with your call-to-action. If you’re looking for a visual content dream team to take the reins on your social media strategy, look no further. Schedule a discovery call with Media À La Carte and we’ll take your content up a notch.

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