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How to Develop a Brand Mission Statement

There are millions of businesses in the world. To be successful with your own business, the question you have to ask yourself is, "What’s the point?"

If you don’t have a well-defined purpose or objective for how your brand can serve its audience, you’re not going to get very far. That’s where a brand mission statement comes in. Your brand mission statement should clearly state why you exist. It should be exciting and meaningful for both your customers and your employees.

Mission statements aren’t just for not-for-profit organizations. Every brand and business should have a mission. It’s your WHY (Why do you exist?) and your HOW (How do you fulfill that purpose?). Without a mission, your organization’s objective might get blurry or off track, especially as you scale to add more staff, locations, or offerings. It’s important that everyone (employees, customers, etc.) knows what your business is about. Any gray area and they’re already off to check out your competitor.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you’re defining your mission statement:

  • What is your vision?

  • What problem are you solving?

  • Who are you serving?

  • What are you creating or providing?

  • Where are you located?

  • Why were you founded?

  • What are your values?

  • How would you describe your employees?

  • What’s your unique value proposition?

Be careful your mission statement doesn’t simply list out your products or services. Why do those products and services matter? Who are they for? And why are you offering them?

Remember your mission should be