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Should Your Brand Be On Pinterest?

Move over Instagram! Did you know Pinterest can be an equally lucrative app for brands? If your brand offers a visually-compelling product or service (i.e. fashion, food, travel, home decor, health, etc.), you should also be on Pinterest.

Pinterest has over 450 million monthly active users, 76% of which are female users between 18 and 49. Like Instagram, Pinterest is a visual app, with “pins” that link to external websites. That makes Pinterest a search engine all its own. Brands can sign up for a free Pinterest business account chock full of data analytics. Here are some of our favorite brands to follow on Pinterest:

  • Free People - Boards are aesthetically stunning and easy to navigate. 

  • Mejuri - Helpful hashtags and photos shared from customers

  • Fenty Beauty - Pins showcase products “in action.”

  • Lush - Stunning photos link right to products. Can you say, “Add to cart?”

But before we dive into more about why your brand should be on Pinterest, let’s go through some key vocabulary:

Key Pinterest Vocabulary

  • All content on Pinterest is considered a ‘pin’ which takes users to external websites.

  • Pincodes are just like QR codes. They’re special codes that take you to a business’s curated boards and Pinterest profile.

  • Pinterest users are called ‘pinners.’

  • Pinners use boards—or digital bulletin boards—to save and organize their pins. 

  • Group boards are collaborative boards owned by one user who can add others to contribute.

  • Archived boards are boards you no longer use but don’t want to delete. They don’t show up on your public profile.

  • Like Facebook and Instagram, your Pinterest feed is a group of pins from people you follow or that Pinterest thinks you might be interested in.

  • You can use hashtags on Pinterest to help make it easier for users to find relevant content. 

  • Use your iPhone camera lens to snap photos. Pinterest will suggest pins for you (similar products) based on the photos you take. 

  • You have the ability to save, send, hide, or comment on pins.

  • Tag other users in comments with the @ symbol.

OK, now that you know the in’s and out’s of Pinterest, let’s get back to why your brand needs to be on the app.

9 Reasons Your Brand Needs to Be On Pinterest

1. Large user base

More than 39% of American adults use the platform. Pinterest is a great way to increase brand visibility and reach potential new customers.

2. Commercial activity

Like we mentioned earlier, Pinterest is a search engine all its own. Pinners use it as a search platform for products and services. Pinterest makes it easy to go straight from searching to shopping

3. Visual platform

Pinterest illustrates your business visually, so you can showcase all that your brand has to offer.

4. Consumer insights

Check out the Pinterest Insights hub to see what’s trending, what’s predicted, and who the current Pinterest audience is. 

5. SEO benefits

Pinterest can drive traffic to your website through shared pins, helping improve brand visibility and SEO. Using relevant keywords and descriptions, brands can improve their visibility in search engines and drive organic traffic to their website

6. Engagement and community building

Brands can engage with their audience by repinning content, responding to comments, and creating group boards where users can contribute their own content.

7. Drive traffic to website

Pins can link directly to a brand’s website, blog posts, product pages, and other online content which will increase web traffic and conversions.

8. Inspire and educate

Pinners use the app to discover ideas, inspiration, and solutions to their problems. Brands can use Pinterest to inspire and educate their audience by sharing content that addresses their needs, interests, and aspirations (think blogs, tutorials, and product pages).

9. Build brand authority

By consistently sharing high-quality content, brands can establish themselves as authorities in their niche, help build trust and credibility, and lead to stronger brand loyalty.

See? Don’t knock Pinterest! The platform offers a unique opportunity to connect with your target audience, drive traffic to your website, and increase brand awareness and authority through visually engaging content and community engagement. So go get your pin game on!

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