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How to Use Automated DMs for Your Small Business

Responding to DMs is an important way to create community and build brand loyalty on Instagram. By responding to your followers quickly, you show them that you care about their business and their time. But ... who wants to be tied to their phone 24/7 to respond to DMs? Not us. By setting up automated DMs you can get the conversation started and keep it going with minimal effort. You might even be able to lead them straight to a sale.

What Are Automated Instagram DMs?

With Instagrams launch of Messenger API for Business back in June, business accounts can use automated DMs to facilitate conversations with their customers without having a human behind the keyboard. Automated DMs are essentially a set of questions that Instagram users can choose from when they start to DM you. The boutique Julia Rose allows users to pick from the questions below:

When you select one of the questions, an automated response to the question immediately pops up:

You can set up these automated DMs by using services like ManyChat, Inflact, Chatfuel or MobileMonkey. Just make sure you use a program that is approved by Instagram. We all know how Instagram punishes third party bots it doesn't approve of ...

Why Should You Use Automated DMs?