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  • Hollyn Gayle

TikTok Accounts to Follow to Stay Ahead of Trends

We always talk about adapting trends to your niche to be successful with TikTok and Instagram Reels. But with trends coming and going so quickly, how do you keep up and jump on them before they're out of style? Here's our list of the best accounts to follow that will alert you to the trends you should adapt to your niche ASAP to chase the dream of the viral video.

1. @wavewyld

This account will pop up on your FYP with a "New Trend Alert". They tell you how much the sound has grown and how rapidly, and they link the sound in the bottom of the video. They also let you know if the trend will work for all niches, or if it's better for a specific niche. This account also gives great TikTok tips and tricks. This account rarely posts anything other than trend alerts and tips, making it our top suggestion.

2. @jera.bean

Jera gives excellent step by step tutorials on how to achieve the hottest transitions on TikTok. If you've ever watched creator after creator pull off the most complicated looking transition, head to this profile for a breakdown on how to achieve the transition yourself.

3. @johnyblueyes

This account gives less info than @wavewyld, but they still link the sound in the bottom of the video and show the growth of the sound. Unfortunately, they also post a lot of other content, so you might have to sift through for the good stuff.

4. @jeffcouret

This account not only just gives "Trend Warnings", they also share many tips, tricks, and hacks on how to grow on TikTok. A plus for this account, is that when you scroll down their profile, all of their "Trend Warnings" are clearly labeled so you don't have to watch videos you aren't interested in.

All of these accounts are a great place to start to keep up with TikTok trends, but if we're being honest, the best way to keep up with trends is by actively using the app. If you never scroll Instagram Reels or TikToks, it's going to be extremely difficult to make content that connects with TikTok and Reels viewers. Try to spend time on the apps where you're actively looking for trends, not just consuming content for entertainment. We promise that dedicated time will pay off when your video takes off.

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