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Top TikTok Trends for September 2022

After an August full of "It's CORN!", it's time to catch up on what's currently trending on TikTok. These trends are all adaptable to any niche - and none of them require any tricky transitions, fancy editing, or dancing. Film them today!

1. Can we get the bill please?

Find the sound here.

Share something that might be an every day thing to others but is special and exciting to you. Lip sync the audio and add text on top - done!

2. In & Out

Find the sound here.

This trend is beyond simple to execute. Film a video of yourself doing anything: walking, working, doing your hair, etc. Then put a list of what's "in" and a list of what's "out" over the video.

3. Here we are again ... and I'm so sorry.

Find the sound here.

Share those situations that seem to happen again and again - with little to no improvement to the circumstances. Major "it is what it is" energy for this trend.

P.S. Notice how the video below by the major brand Celsius is not attempting to sell their product AT ALL with this video. They're using a trend to cater to one of their target audiences - Gen Z. People don't scroll TikTok to be sold to, so be sure that you aren't making mini commercials for TikTok. They won't take off.

4. POV: Tapping through an Instagram story

Find the sound here.

This trend is a simple way to share something you wouldn't want to spend time viewing on social media. An easy way to make it work for the social media manager niche: POV: Tapping through all the bad advice I see on how to grow your followers quickly.

5. "It's tough to be alive now ..."

Find the sound here.

You can go one of two ways with this trend. Share something that is legitimately making it tough to be alive right now (inflation, rising temperatures, etc.) or share a minor inconvenience that is also ruining your life.

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