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2023 Social Media Updates

We’ve hit the halfway mark for 2023 … Can you even believe it? And as time seems to fly by, social media trends and technologies continue to evolve before our eyes. If you’re not staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest social media upgrades, it’s easy to fall behind the curve. Instead of immediately feeling overwhelmed with all the new app updates, try to embrace a sense of exploration and wonder…How can these new tools help our brand to better target our niche audience? Which new methods should we embrace to execute our upcoming marketing campaign? Where can we dive in deeper to provide more value for our customers?

Like we said, social media keeps advancing by the minute, but we’ve rounded up a few of the major platform updates from the first half of 2023. Take a read to make sure you’re aware (and capable) of these awesome new features.

Instagram Updates in 2023


Meta is coming for Twitter with this real-time short-form conversation app. Threads garnered over 100 million users within 5 days of its launch. Many say the app seems more “friendly” and less “aggressive” than Twitter, probably somewhat due to the TikTok-like algorithm (i.e. seeing content you enjoy) rather than hostile political tweets. There’s still more to see with Threads (on the one hand, so far there are no advertisements. But on the other, one must delete their Instagram account in order to delete their Threads account) and brands should be along for the wild ride.

Include multiple links in bio

This took far too long to come about, but you can finally include more than one link in your IG bio. When a user clicks on the link text, they’ll be taken to a page that lists all your link options (ex. your main website, Amazon storefront, direct link to an upcoming program or offering, etc.).

Schedule posts within Instagram

Though we recommend a social media management program like Planoly, Instagram now has the option to schedule posts within the app itself. Just go to Advanced Settings and click on Schedule to plan your posts in advance (and maybe actually take a weekend off).

Pin posts to the top of your grid

Your followers don’t have to dig through your find to find out what you’re all about. Now, you can “pin” up to three posts to the top of your IG feed. They’ll be the first posts followers see (and, as they’re denoted with a pink graphic, users will know they’re important to your brand). We recommend pinning your general “About You” post first and then whatever feels the most relevant whether that’s a new online offering, a popular/high-traffic post, etc.

See ads in search results

IG users will see both organic results and related paid-for ads in their search results. This is yet another avenue for brands to promote discovery since users are increasingly turning to social media over search engines. to research brands, products, and services.

Facebook Updates in 2023

Offer creator subscriptions

Creators on both Facebook and Instagram can offer subscriptions to their followers. “Subscriptions allow your audience to up-level their support for you and your work.” You can count on monthly earnings by providing exclusive benefits for your social media subscribers.

Register to be Meta Verified

Like Twitter’s new pay-to-play model (i.e. pay a monthly fee to get a blue verification check mark on your account), Meta has hopped on the money-making bandwagon. Users who verify their accounts with a government ID (and fork over $11.99-$14.99/month depending on web or iOS interface) can get a “blue badge” in addition to top-tier customer support and more advanced account protection.

TikTok Updates in 2023

Discover keyword insights

Check out “Keyword Insights” (top-performing words and phrases) in the TikTok Creative Center. Add these words to captions, scripts, text overlays and voiceovers to boost viewership.

Scroll with scrubbing thumbnails

If you’re rewatching a TikTok or scrolling to find a certain moment, helpful mini-thumbnails now appear on the bottom of the screen to help show where you are in the video.

Schedule your sleep

In an effort to assist with users’ time management (and the addictive nature of the app), TikTok has implemented the option to set sleep reminders — notifying users that it’s time to go to bed and silencing notifications until the morning.

Twitter Updates in 2023

Opt in for Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue is Elon Musk’s new paid subscription program complete with blue checkmark. Twitter Blue allows subscribers to edit tweets, share tweets up to 10,000 characters, see fewer ads, get prioritized ranking in the Twitter feed, and more for $8/month. Thinking about going for Twitter Blue? Read our blog post all about it.

Pay to play

Since April, Twitter has required advertisers to sign up for Twitter Blue to continue running ads on the platform. This rule does not apply to advertisers who spend $1K+ per month on the app.

Explore your “For You” page

Like on TikTok, Twitter’s new algorithm pushes content a user might not follow (or even be overtly interested in). This allows more opportunity for discovery, should Twitter users be open to scrolling their “For You” feed instead of focusing solely on their “Following” feed.

By the time this blog goes live, there’s bound to be a host of new updates to many of these apps. Stay open and curious. Your brand does not need to implement every new feature that comes about. But staying aware of the ever-changing environment will keep you from falling behind.

Already feeling left in the dust? Book a discovery call with Media À La Carte to find out how we can support your social media marketing goals and needs.

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In the new For You section you can post videos, which means promoting your brand. If you are already planning to upload videos to this section, then I advise you to try compress a video for twitter so that your video is reduced in size without losing quality.


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