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5 Unique Ways to Approach Black Friday Marketing

Since 2005, Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day of the year. While customers used to camp outside of stores overnight in the hopes of getting first dibs on the latest deals, the rise in e-commerce has pushed this post-Thanksgiving discount day online—and all month long. Last year, Black Friday buzz (social media mentions) was up 21% but engagement was down 18%. Brands are having to fight harder and harder to capture consumers’ attention. Here are five tips to cultivate a Black Friday social media strategy that is authentic, attractive, and unique.

1. Honor your loyal customers.

So often sales are geared toward garnering new clients and customers. While that’s beneficial, it may leave your regulars feeling underappreciated. Acquiring new customers is great—but KEEPING them coming back is even more important. This Black Friday, recognize your loyalists by emailing them an exclusive offer code or deal. ‘Tis the season to show your appreciation, so let your returning customers know you see them and you care.

And remember, CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) is around $87 per person for an e-commerce brand but CPC (Cost Per Click) for retargeting is only around $1 per customer. It makes so much sense to focus on remarketing this holiday season!

2. Sell directly on social media.

Making the shopping experience easier is a critical way to turn “eyes into buys.” While 40.5% of people prefer to shop on e-commerce websites, 59.5% purchase (or plan to purchase) directly through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and What’s App. Creating shoppable posts will enable potential customers to browse, discover, and shop directly from your social media profiles.

We know getting your shop up and running through Meta’s platform can seem daunting, but we promise- it’s not as difficult as it may seem. Here’s a guide to get you started.

3. Team up with another brand.

Strategizing a Black Friday plan with another local business, influencer, or organization can increase your sales while also building brand awareness. Collaborate with a person or company that dovetails with your brand’s purpose or offerings. For example, a nutrition coach cross-promoting a massage therapist, a restaurant working with a local artist, or a theater company collaborating with an elementary school. This kind of partnership will require some pre-planning, but it has the potential to really expand your reach (and revenue).

4. Host a giveaway.

Contests and giveaways are straightforward and inexpensive ways to grow your following and increase brand awareness. Check out this article about how to set up a social media giveaway. Engaging your audience through following, tagging, commenting, and sharing will amp up your brand’s presence during Black Friday and beyond.

5. Cancel Black Friday.

Yes, we just said that. While we’re not fans of #CancelCulture, retail holidays like Black Friday have become oversaturated, unsustainable, and, quite frankly, overwhelming for consumers. If it serves your brand’s mission to go against the grain, or if you’re a small business that might not be able to compete with the heavy hitters on this massive discount day, postpone any deals for early December. There will be less “Sale! Sale! Sale!” noise and more opportunity to catch the eye of the last-minute holiday shopper.

Black Friday—and the holiday season in general—can be overwhelming, especially for small or nascent businesses. Taking the time to strategize can make all the difference. Don’t know where to start? We can help you get there.

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