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What's With the New "Add Yours" Instagram Stickers?

Have you been seeing a new sticker pop up on your friend's Instagram Stories? A white box prompting you to share something to an "Add yours" posting chain? It's a brand new Instagram feature that allows a viral posting chain to be created via Instagram Stories. We're breaking down how to use it, and why it might be a great move for your brand. Here's the step - by - step guide to using the "Add Yours" sticker.

How to Use an "Add Yours" Sticker on Your Instagram Story

1. After creating a story, click on the sticker icon in the top right corner.

2. Select the "ADD YOURS" sticker. You'll have the option to write a prompt or roll the dice and select an auto-generated prompt from Instagram.

3. When you roll the dice, Instagram gives you simple options to help engage your followers and get them to join in on the chain.

4. Or you can write your own prompt that relates to your industry. After you write your prompt, tap the "Done" button in the top right corner. And you've created an "Add Yours" chain!

How Can This Sticker Help Your Brand?

Normally, the only way to gain traction for your account via Instagram Stories is using a strong CTA asking followers to share your post to their stories, and hoping that the post picks up traction and leads to followers who relate to your content. If you start using the "Add Yours" sticker consistently, and pick prompts that really connect with your followers, the posting chains will grow longer and longer. Every time a user taps on the sticker to see who else has shared to the chain, they'll be able to see who the original poster of the sticker was. Check out this example below. A sticker created by @the_true_cw (an account with a little over 5K followers) has gained 1.1K shares, and every account involved sees the thread's creator when they join. A pretty simple way to gain reach, if you ask us.

And remember, Instagram loves when you use their new features early. As soon as you have access to the "Add Yours" sticker, give it a try and workshop what kind of prompts your followers engage with the most. As your prompts get better, so will the length of your "Add Yours" story chains and your reach will grow.