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Graphic Design Trends for 2023

There are a lot of predictions as to what graphic design will look like in the new year. Here are four trends that we’re sure we’ll see in 2023:

Expressive Fonts

Some marketing news articles claim that serif fonts are back, while others propose sans serifs are here to stay. Whatever side of the “serif-showdown” you’re on, consider how your choice of typography elevates your brand. If funding and creative resources allow, design your brand’s own expressive font. Not only will this be memorable to audiences, but you can also incorporate your text into your design and art elements more seamlessly. In some cases, we’ve already seen the typography become the art itself.

Even if you decide to go with a standard font for your branding, remember that the type should align with your brand. Are you youthful, professional, funky, simplistic, vintage, elegant, or something else? Your brand aesthetic list (adjectives to describe what you are and what you stand for) should come first. Expressive typography, design elements, colors, and art should branch off from there.

Fresh Throwbacks

Everything old is new again, whether that’s 90s fashion, film photography, carbs, or vintage advertising. If it makes sense for your brand to incorporate some old with some new, experiment with more traditional design elements (language, patterns, artwork, images, etc.) juxtaposed with modern colors, models, phraseology, and marketing platforms. Retro Futurism and Vaporwave are two trends that combine the nostalgic with the contemporary.

“Throwback” advertising can be memorable because it reminds us of when we were children, products or experiences we enjoyed, and relationships we’ve had with people, characters, or brands. And yet, updated versions make us check in because something is different and our brains have to do a little extra work to determine what’s changed. The combination of nostalgia with newness evokes both sentimentality and excitement.

Interactive Marketing

Say “So long!” to stagnant one and two-dimensional advertising. Dynamic graphic design will be all the rage in the new year through 3D artwork, animation, video, virtual reality, and connected elements like QR codes and linked apps. Interactive design is ever-evolving and will continue to intrigue and engage audiences for a more immersive consumer experience.

Human Connection

It’s not all about what cool service or never-before-seen product you’re selling. What’s important is for your audience to connect with your brand on a personal level. Cue storytelling. Why is your brand relatable? How does your branding make them feel? In what ways does your message resonate with their values? Can they imagine themselves in your brand’s world? In the post-pandemic world, our craving for meaningful human connection is stronger than ever before. As such, your advertising should focus on telling a story, cultivating emotion, and inspiring action—not just getting across information about a product’s price and stats.

As we head into 2023, brands will pay more attention to the bigger picture—the things that matter not just to individual consumers, but to humanity and to our planet: inclusive representation and accessibility across integrated marketing channels, publicizing sustainability practices, and being more transparent when it comes to things like ethical sourcing, paid influencer advertising, and third party accreditations. 82% of consumers appreciate brands that stand for a greater mission than meeting their bottom line.

Are we implying that your business needs to hop onto all of these trend predictions in order to succeed in 2023? Absolutely not. At the core of all of these trends is one thing: authenticity. Staying true to your mission, vision, values, and audience will guide your business strategy (yes, also when it comes to graphic design). Plenty of sites like Canva, Dribble, and Adobe can help your brand develop your own graphic design aesthetic—even if you’re a beginner. But, it’s also always ok to ask for help from a company like Media a la Carte. It’s our job to help you find, share, and expand your voice. Click here to learn more about our services.

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