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How to Add a Cover Photo to Instagram Reels to Keep Your Feed Looking Cohesive

While the importance of a perfectly aesthetic feed is beginning to fade with the rise of Reels, it's still important to make sure your Instagram feed looks intentional and put together (especially if you're trying to monetize your presence on Instagram). Adding a cover to Reels can improve the look of your feed, and if you make sure that your cover has a clear, enticing title, your cover can even improve your views. Here's the break down of how to add a cover photo to your Instagram reels.

1. First, go through the process of creating a reel until you get to the Share screen.

2. Tap on the word "Cover".

3. You can use the slider to select a cover from the video, or you can tap on "Add from Camera Roll". When you upload from Camera Roll, your cover can be higher quality than a still from your Reel. After you've selected your cover, click "Done."

4. Now you can crop your profile image so it fits perfectly in your gri