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How to Add Pronouns to Your Instagram Bio

A great way to make social media more inclusive is adding your pronouns to your social media bios. You may think that your physical appearance obviously portrays your gender, but as a society we are moving away from that concept. Physical appearance does not equal gender identity. By putting your pronouns in your bio, it encourages others to do the same and makes sure people know how to address you. Instagram has added a new field to their profiles that lets you easily add your pronouns without them taking up characters in your bio. Here's the step - by - step guide on how to add your pronouns to your Instagram profile.

1. Head to your Instagram profile and click "Edit Profile".

2. You should now see a new field labeled "Pronouns". Tap on the "Pronouns" field.

3. You can add up to 4 pronouns to your Instagram profile, and you can edit them at anytime. Start typing in a pronoun and Instagram will auto generate options for you to select. You also have the option to show your pronouns only to people who follow you. After you add your pronouns, click "Done" in the top right corner.

4. Now click "Done" to update your profile.

5. Now you can see that your pronouns show up right after your username on your Instagram profile.

This is a quick and simple step you can take to make Instagram a more inclusive place. Get to it!


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