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How to Prep for Your Next Instagram Photo

Some of the first photos Amandina used to promote Media A La Carte were taken by her friends. Most of the time, friends can be fine Instagram photographers, but they may need a little help and guidance. Here are some tips for how you can pose, and a couple of tips you can give your friend for getting you that shot.


Don’t be afraid to give your friend specific instructions about what angle you want them to take the photo from. Often for close up face portraits - having the camera shoot from slightly above eye level can help define the face. For full body shots - try telling your friend to shoot from slightly below eye level and angle the camera up. Do you have a side of your face/body you feel more confident about? Take all your photos from that side. Take advantage of different shooting angles to make yourself feel more confident - and don’t be afraid to experiment with new angles if things aren't working.


You always want to make sure the light is in front of you and towards your face. If you take a photo where the light is shining from behind you, the camera will have a hard time focusing on your face. Plus, editing the photo will be a nightmare because the sky will be overexposed before you look bright enough in the photo. Natural outdoor lighting is always the best for amateur photographers.


Instead of hitting a pose and holding if for multiple shots, try to naturally and fluidly move from pose to pose while your friend uses the burst feature or has the live photo feature turned on. This will allow you to catch every single movement and give you tons of photos to look through. You’d be surprised how many of the photos you see on Instagram aren’t of "the pose" but the moments in between the poses.


We all know candid photos can be really cute, but how do we achieve that look? Try to give yourself an everyday activity to do while you’re taking photos - like drinking coffee. But here’s the thing, you can’t just hold the coffee mug as a prop. You actually need to drink the coffee and focus on the activity of drinking coffee - not the fact that your boyfriend is snapping a picture of you. Other activities to focus on could be reading a book, texting, journaling, walking, stretching, cooking - you name it. But if you’re focused on that and not nervous about the camera, you’re sure to get the candid vibe you’re hoping for.

Dress for the Energy You Want to Portray

When you’re prepping to shoot some content for your Instagram do not go out and buy clothing that matches the latest trends because you think that’s what will do well on Instagram. No nope no. That’s not the authenticity we’re looking for. Put on what makes you feel confident, beautiful, powerful - whatever energy you want to see translated into your Instagram photo. When you’re picking your outfit, consider how the colors and patterns will translate onto the photo and if they’ll clash with the location you plan to shoot. If you feel good in your outfit, you'll look good in the photos.

If you ever want to invest in an Instagram photo shoot that isn't taken by a friend or significant other, reach out to Media A La Carte. We do personal branding shoots on a budget. We want to help you get that shot.

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