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How Your Brand Should Use Threads

You’ve probably seen friends sharing Twitter-esque posts to their Instagram stories with a ribbon-like black-and-white background reading “THREADS.” Meet Meta’s newest app, Threads, a new way to share thoughts and join online conversations.

The app looks like Instagram and Twitter had a baby—It’s a constant feed of live updates (mainly text but also graphics, photos, and videos) from accounts you follow and trending topics. You can “like,” “share,” “repost,” and “comment” as you would on other social media platforms.

Celebrities, brands, and content creators have already flocked to the new app. Many (like Sarah Jessica Parker) insinuate their frustration with Elon Musk’s Twitter and hope that Threads will be a less volatile platform, one that celebrates creativity and diversity of thought. Threads, the so-called “Twitter killer,” officially launched on July 6, 2023 and its user-base keeps growing at an astronomical rate. So, what does this mean for Twitter and for the social media landscape at large?

How is Threads Different Than Twitter

While Threads looks and acts a lot like that once-popular app with the little blue bird (soon to be called "X" - yikes Elon), here’s how Threads is different from Twitter:

  • Threads does not utilize hashtags nor does it enable users to search for specific text tags.

  • On Threads, you can share up to 10 photos in a single post (like Instagram) as opposed to Twitter’s max of 4 photos per post.

  • While Twitter has two separate feeds, “For You” and “Following,” Threads blends these into one single feed of trending posts and updates from accounts you follow.

  • Threads can be up to 500 characters while (most) tweets are limited to 280 characters.

  • Users can share a status update (my millennials will remember this from AOL Instant Messenger) like “OOT,” “studying,” or “Be back in 5!”

  • Like Instagram, Threads offers a “Close Friends” feature where users can share threads only to a select group of followers.

And before signing up, here’s what Threads users should know:

  • Threads surpassed over 100 million users less than a week after its launch, making it the fastest growing app ever.

  • If a user’s Instagram account is verified (i.e. has a blue checkmark), that authentication will carry over to Threads.

  • Users can automatically share their Threads to other platforms (like their Instagram stories).

  • Threads users need an Instagram account in order to log in. And, it’s important to know that users cannot delete their Threads account without also deleting their Instagram account.

  • Threads is currently ad-free (but probably won’t be for long).

  • Again, Threads is another app owned by Meta (formerly Facebook), which has had numerous privacy and data breach allegations in the past. If you do decide to sign up for a Threads account, take the time to look over the user agreement before hurriedly scrolling down to click “OK” and setting up privacy settings to best protect your personal data.

What Does the Arrival of Threads Mean for Your Brand?

So, what does this all mean for brands? Well, Threads wasn’t necessarily created for brands. It’s less about pushing brand awareness and more about personal conversations amongst one’s close friends and followers. But, because Threads is all about cultivating authentic conversations, there are ways that brands can utilize Threads to support their social media marketing efforts.

How Brands Can Leverage a Threads Strategy:

1. Build relationships.

Many brands are using Threads to interact with influencers, celebrities, and other brands. This can lay the groundwork for partnerships that will boost your brand awareness (and leads!).

2. Ask for feedback.

Customer participation can come in so many forms like product feedback, ideation, and discussion. Brands can use this information to gain insight about their customers and make astute business decisions.

3. Give personalized customer support.

Using Threads as a public form of customer interaction and support is a great way to show you care about your customers.

4. Share exclusive content.

Here’s another opportunity to get people to engage with your brand—Encourage your audience to follow you on Threads so they can stay up-to-date with behind-the-scenes content, live updates, or even special discount codes and deals. Remember that the more touchpoints a potential customer interacts with, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Touchpoints are moments that someone engages with your brand along their customer journey. So, getting followers on Threads is just another way to boost your customer touchpoints.

Threads is still (brand) new and we all have a lot to learn about how this app will change the game. Our best advice is to dive in head first! Get acquainted with Threads now so that as it grows and evolves, you’re pretty up-to-speed! But, as always, we are here to help. Schedule a discovery call to learn how we can support your brand’s social media marketing efforts on Threads and beyond.

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