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Meet Our Summer 2022 Interns

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

We have an incredible set of interns joining us this summer at Media À La Carte! They bring with them a diverse background of experiences and a desire to learn about social media. They'll be guest writing on our blog all summer - bringing you articles from the Gen Z perspective about all things social media.

Meet Layla

Allow me to introduce myself! I’m Layla, a Texas-bred junior at Syracuse University. I am majoring in Advertising within the S.I. Newhouse School, uniquely exploring both the creative and strategic tracks, and minoring in Philosophy. Through my coursework, I have designed advertisements, briefs, and campaigns. On-campus, I manage the social media of two student-run magazines. This role allows me to foster brand voice and connect with a media-reliant demographic, two results of Media A La Carte's extensive services.

I was initially attracted to Media A La Carte because it's a New York City based female-founded start-up -- the kind of company I, as most should, aim to empower and support. Upon meeting Amandina, the founder and CEO, I was struck by her extensive historical knowledge of marketing, as well as her futuristic view of the marketing industry regarding social media. Media A La Carte aspires to “Make Social Media Social Again,” a sentiment that struck me as unique and invaluable, especially when it comes to giving life to a brand via social media. I could not think of a better place to gain industry knowledge and technical skill this summer.

Meet Leea

As a rising senior in college, I knew I had a lot of options for a summer internship in New York City this summer, but I was passionate about working somewhere where the work I will do will be beneficial to not only the company, but to myself as well. I have a little bit of a different background when it comes to my degree, but I have always been interested in working in social media and using marketing strategies to be successful. I thought that working as an intern at Media A La Carte was the perfect match and I am beyond excited to learn so much this summer.

I am originally from a small town in New Hampshire and will be finishing up school in Boston this fall. I am studying Medical and Molecular Biology with a minor in Public Health at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. I have worked in the Admission Office of my University since I was a freshman, and have been running the Student Ambassador Program for the past two years. I also work closely with the Marketing Department to make content for the University’s social platforms. Getting to let out my creative side while studying health sciences has been the best of both worlds for me. While Boston has been amazing, living in New York has always been a dream of mine, so I’m very excited to see where this summer will take me.

Meet Jenna

My name is Jenna and I am so pumped to be one of Media À La Carte’s social media marketing interns this summer! I cannot wait to continue to dive into the world of social media. Here’s a little bit about me:

I am from Randolph, New Jersey, and have had a love for photography, video editing, and content creation from a young age. I am a rising junior at Elon University (down south in North Carolina) majoring in Journalism and Strategic Communications. I have quite literally spent the last year surrounding myself with social media management. I managed 3 different social media platforms this year, including my school's student-run news organization (where I am also a reporter and occasional TV anchor), the office of cultural programs, and serving as my sorority’s electronic communications director. The social platforms I run consist of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and VSCO.

Media À La Carte understands the growing world of social media from a fresh, young perspective. Understanding the consumer is half the battle of effective social media work. I wanted to work for Media À La Carte because of their infinite knowledge of lifestyle trends, aesthetics, and social media hacks to post the right content at the right time. The work they do with clients is genuine, implementing the best social media practices in building engagement and presence–and educating their clients on the big NO’s of the social media industry, too. Media À La Carte will give me the opportunity to sharpen my skills in writing in a creative, engaging way, creating authentic content, communicating with clients, and working with a team.

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