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Why Social Media Should Be the Top of Your Sales Funnel

Where do you go to reach new customers? If you're a brick and mortar brand, you might try to get a booth at a farmer's market, put an ad in the newspaper, or branch out into digital marketing. For an eCommerce brand, digital marketing is the only way to go. And even more so, if you have a small advertising budget, but you're willing to put in the time (which let's be honest, time equals money ...) to create quality social media content - social media marketing can be a relatively affordable way to bring customers into your sales funnel and convert them into loyal fans of your brand.

Awareness and Interest

The top of every sales funnel begins with awareness that morphs into interest. 37% of consumers find inspiration for purchases on social media. Social media offers you an audience primed to buy. All you have to do is get your content in front of them, and see if they bite.

With the rise of short form video content pushed by advanced algorithms, getting to the "awareness" phase of the sales funnel with new customers has never been more achievable. The sales funnel with social media at the top begins with a "view".

We're not guaranteeing that every view you receive on social media is going to translate to a sale, but what other form of advertising can get your brand and business in front of 259K potential customers (see above) for free? (Remember, we use the term "free" in social media very loosely because the time it takes to create short form video content can be expensive.)

The sales funnel with social media at the top can often look as follows: view > follow > mention > DM > subscribe > reply > followup > sale

But how many times does someone need to see your content on social media in the awareness stage before they take the next step down the funnel and tap follow?