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2023 Marketing Trends You DON'T Want to Miss

With a new year comes new technology, trends, and tests in every industry. And in any field, experts must stay aware of and attuned to the ever-changing landscape. For marketers, recognizing and becoming familiar with the latest trends will give you an upper hand when it comes to all metrics of success from engagement and ROI to revenue growth and client retention.

Here are five marketing trends we’re keeping our eyes on as we head into 2023.

1. Video Content Isn't Going Anywhere

Video content is still king. Whether on video-based platforms like YouTube and TikTok or other social media like Instagram and Facebook, video content amps up audience engagement and interaction. Not only does video (especially short form) perform better when it comes to app algorithms, but it is also a strategic medium for storytelling (check out our blog about social media trends for more on the importance of storytelling).

2. It's Not All Digital Anymore

In-person events are BACK! While virtual hangouts were abundant over the past few years, many consumers are itching for real human interaction. Live conferences, pop-up shops, trade shows, and community events build brand awareness and human connection. While you may not reach as many people as a virtual event might, you’re more likely to convert those interactions into leads and to foster long-term relationships with your customers and clients.

3. Representation is Essential

Representation matters more than ever, and consumers want to see that brands stand for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Marketers should focus on representation holistically—both in advertising and to audiences. Analyzing demographic data can provide a basic understanding of a brand’s audience, including what populations might be underrepresented. Cultivating campaigns with individuals of different ethnicities, ages, body types, and backgrounds benefits both brands who gain larger audiences and consumers who feel seen and heard.

4. UGC is Conversion Tool #1

User-generated content will trump curated brand content in 2023. Already consumers are nearly 2.5x more likely to trust UGC over ads that are scripted and appear inauthentic. Also, influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere. But micro-influencers are where it’s at in 2023 ("everyday people" influencers with small, niche communities versus big-time celebrities). In both of these scenarios, engagement trumps follower count. Consumers are more likely to purchase from people they relate to and trust as opposed to shiny product photo on a white background.

5. Engagement is the Goal

Interaction and engagement are climbing to a new level. Passive consumption is so 2022. In the new year, it will be ALL about interactive content. This can mean anything from interactive quizzes, maps, videos, games, and infographics to personalized customer service via social media and online chats to even augmented and virtual reality experiences like camera lens filters and smartphone games.

These are just a few of the many predicted marketing trends for the new year. The industry keeps developing at a rapid speed and all the new technologies and crazes can seem overwhelming, especially for small or new businesses. No matter your brand’s size, we preach (and practice!) staying agile. It’s ok to recognize that not every trend is the right fit for your business. But it’s important to learn and grow in your craft—always.


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