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5 Instagram Reels Trends to Try this Week

There's still a big misconception out there that to participate in Instagram Reels you have to be willing to dance. That's SO not the case anymore. We've compiled 5 simple reels trends for you to try this week on Instagram. No transitions, no frills - but highly adaptable to any industry or niche. Let's get to it.

1. "You don't have to worry about me ..."

This is an easy lip-syncing trend. You can take this trend 2 different ways. Either act like someone said something that offended you and you're walking away from them (like the trend below), or act like someone did something really nice for you when you were upset or overwhelmed. Ex: you're about to have a breakdown at work but then your girlfriend brings you an iced coffee.

Sound name: You don't have to worry about me. Created by: @chelllseaj.

2. Share a memory.

This one is easy. The sound was created over a month ago, but the trend is still all over the Reels feed. Grab an old video from your camera roll and put this sound under it. Add the overlay text "put this sound over a memory you can't stop thinking about". And then - you're done.

Sound name: Memories. Created by: @divinelocations.

3. Blink on beat.

All you have to do is blink on the beat. Talk about an easy reel to film! You can keep it super simple like the first example below, or you can add in more text like the second sample. This trend is perfect for when you're already batching some more intricate reels. At the end of your batching session, film the footage for this reel and think of your concept later.

Sound name: Original Audio. Created by: @epitomeofclassy.

4. "Ew, David!"

Pick a topic that annoys you and take separate clips for each time you lip-sync, "Ew, David!" You can keep it simple like the reel below, or add descriptive text to each clip.

Sound name: Original Audio. Created by: @comfortschitt.

5. "Two questions ..."

This trend is perfect for before and after reveals. It can be adapted to home renovations, baking, product reveals, makeup, fashion, and even Google Drive makeovers ... the possibilities are endless.

Sound name: Original Audio. Created by @qveenherby.

Remember, if you aren't creating video content for Instagram, you're falling behind the times. Instagram has been prioritizing video content in their algorithm for a few months now, and it's only going to take up more and more of the platform as Instagram tries to compete with the virality of TikTok. Because video content takes much more time and effort to create than static posts, the key to keeping up with content creation is working smarter not harder. Use these simple trends to stay on track without getting overwhelmed.


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