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How to Add Your Business's Branding to Instagram Stories

Showing up on your Instagram stories is essential for building trust with your customers and followers. But how do you make sure your on the fly stories (a.k.a. not graphics you designed in advance) support your branding? Everything you post to social media should be supporting the hard work you've put into your branding on your website, product labeling, graphics, etc. - you name it. We have a simple hack for getting your Instagram stories to align with your brand guidelines.

How to Add Your Business's Branding to Instagram Stories

1. Download a photo of your brand colors and PNG files of your logos (with transparent backgrounds) to your phone's camera roll. Add the photo of your brand colors and your logos to a new album.

2. Label the album whatever you want - but we suggest putting the letter A in front of the name. Instagram organizes your albums in alphabetical order, so putting the letter A in the front pops your branding folder to the top of the list.

3. Often when you share a post to your story, IG will select a prominent color in the post and fill it into the background. Sometimes the color it picks doesn't support your brand guidelines. Tap on the sticker button in the top right corner.

4. Select the camera roll option.

5. Tap the down carat by the words "Camera Roll" to access your albums.

6. Because you put the letter A at the front of your album title, it should be 3rd on the list - right after Recents and Favorites. Tap on your branding album.

7. Select the photo containing your brand colors.

8. Tap the drawing icon in the top right corner, and use the color selector to hover over the color you want to fill your background with. After you select the color, hold down anywhere on the background to fill it with color.

9. Now add your text, and repeat the color selector process to make your text one of your brand colors.

BONUS TIP 🔥: Always use the same couple fonts on your Instagram stories. Pick ones that are close to your brand fonts and be consistent with them.

10. Head back to your branding album in the Instagram app, and tap on one of your logos this time. Position it where you'd like it on the screen. Now you have a story that fully supports your brand guidelines.

11. If you want to spruce up a video or photo with minimal effort, simply add a logo on top of it. This is way quicker than uploading a video or photo to Canva to get the same exact effect.

Use this quick and easy album hack to level up your everyday Instagram stories!