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How to Humanize Your Content In an AI Era

While AI can sometimes seem like a god-send, it’s important that you humanize your content. You want to be able to use AI while also making sure your content feels authentic and personal to your brand and your audience. So, how does one do that? The trick is to use AI as a tool, not a replacement for YOU. AI platforms like ChatGPT and Canva should supplement your content creation, not simply do it for you. Additionally, there are ways to use AI that can make your shared creative process feel more organic and less manufactured. 

But why is humanizing your content important? First of all, it’ll strengthen connections with your audience. Besides feeling connected, your audience will also feel engaged and valued. Additionally, humanizing your content will build trust and loyalty amongst generations that really value transparency and authenticity. Lastly, it’ll help you stand out from your competitors in an increasingly AI-driven landscape. Long story short, you want to humanize your content!

10 Simple Ways to Humanize Your Content In an AI Era

1. Ideate

AI is a great resource to help you come up with ideas. In effect, it’s no different from scouring the Internet for research…it’s just faster! Whether a blog post, carousel feed, photoshoot, or partnership idea, don’t be afraid to ‘ask AI.’ Then, take an idea and run with it!

2. Cross-reference

First, take a stab at writing your own caption (or blog post or marketing email or call-to-action). Don’t stress if it’s incomplete or imperfect. Next, ask AI to write one, too. Then, cross-reference the two creations and meld them together however makes the most sense.

3. Add your own flair

Even the ‘best’ AI caption won't sound exactly like you. Freshen up its creation with language and flavor that are true to your brand essence. How do you greet your ‘people?’ What are keywords or phrases that are part of your ‘brandspeak?’ Make sure that your new work using AI aligns with your prior content.

4. Be conversational

Ask AI to use a conversational, casual tone—one that better resonates with your audience. Try to avoid overly formal language and long, complex sentences. This will make the content sound less robotic and more ‘human.’ To put it simply, write in the same way that you’d speak to your target customer.

5. Infuse storytelling

While AI knows everything that’s on the Internet, it probably doesn’t know anecdotes, experiences, and relationships that are central to your brand. While employing AI tools, don’t miss the opportunity to sprinkle in stories…the history of your brand, a memorable customer interaction, or a positive review from an in-person interaction. 

6. Show empathy

Address your audience’s pain points, concerns, and challenges. You’re there to solve a problem and/or to add value to their lives. Be explicit in how your brand can make that happen. In short, make it personal.

7. Encourage interaction

Social media is a two-way street, and responding to comments and DMs is a great way to show that you hear and care about your audience. Don’t just post content at your followers. Actually engage with them!

8. Highlight humans

When possible, feature human faces and voices in your posts. If your feed is crammed only with photos and copy about your products and offerings, you miss out on a huge opportunity to humanize your brand beyond the ‘stuff.’ Highlight employees, customers, or even actors/models to demonstrate, review, share, promote, and present your brand to the world.

9. Take accountability

When you make a mistake, own up to it, apologize, and learn from the experience. People appreciate brands that are transparent and take responsibility for their actions, whether good or bad. Face it, you’re going to make some mistakes. See them—and share them‚—as a growth opportunity.

10. Pull back the curtain

Incorporate behind-the-scenes content to give your followers an insider’s view of your brand. This could mean showing a tour, day-in-the-life, product manufacturing process, get-ready-with-me, live interview/Q&A, or something else.

Again, while we’re all for AI when it comes to content creation, we can’t stress enough that it is a TOOL rather than a REPLACEMENT for your own creative intelligence. Heck, we used AI in writing this blog post. Where? How? You probably can’t tell. That’s when you know you’ve done AI right.

We can help you to become friends with AI, too, which will, in turn, make your content creation much more efficient and effective. Eager for more? Schedule a discovery session with Media À La Carte today!

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