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How to Prep Your Socials for the 2022 Holiday Shopping Season

You might be thinking, "It's only October, and I'm still drinking my first PSL. Chill out with the holiday talk!"

Yeah, we know. But now is the time to start laying out your marketing plans for the holidays so you don't spend November and December in a stressed out game of catch-up. A Salesforce survey reported by Practical Ecommerce found that 37 percent of consumers anticipate starting to shop for the holidays early this year - not dropping all their money on traditional shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but starting their shopping in October to avoid spending so much at once. That means it's time to get cracking on your holiday social plan.

We're going to break down the important dates you need to be aware of, the type of content you need to prioritize, and the best tips for getting it all done PLUS how you can make the holiday season provide content for you well into 2023.

Plan Your Promotions

The first step to planning out your promotions is knowing when the major shopping holidays fall. Here’s a list of them to add to your marketing calendar:

Oct 11 - 12th Prime Early Access Sale

While this isn't a traditionally recognized holiday shopping day, it's excellent proof that shoppers are starting their holiday shopping earlier and earlier in the year. If you're a small business, offer a sale during the Prime Early Access Sale and directly call customers to skip Amazon's sales and shop small and local instead.

November 24th Thanksgiving

For years, Black Friday sales have been starting earlier and earlier. If you want to compete with the retail behemoths, opening up your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales early is important.

November 25th Black Friday

Add a new and enticing element to your sale today (free shipping, a free gift, additional percent off, etc.) that will push customers who've waited until Black Friday to take the dive and purchase.

November 28th Cyber Monday

Similarly to the above, how are you going to entice shoppers to buy on Cyber Monday when your sales have been open since before Thanksgiving? Switch up the sale and add a new perk. If you have digital only products, this day is a great day to put them on sale.

December 12th Green Monday

Green Monday is normally the second Monday of December, and most small businesses using USPS consider it as the cut-off date for customers to receive their p