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How to Reorder Your Instagram Story Highlights

We all know that Instagram Story Highlights are an extremely important "first impression" when potential followers land on your profile. Having well curated highlights can get someone to tap the follow button before they even look at your feed. When you start having tons of highlights on Instagram, you'll notice that only 4 - 5 highlights show up on your profile before you start scrolling through them. So how do you make sure that your most important highlight categories stay at the front of the line when they show up in chronological order? We have the hack.

1. Tap the Highlight that you want to move to the front. Then select "More" in the bottom right corner.

2. Click "Edit Highlight", and then tap "Stories".

3. When you're in the Stories section, you can see every Story you've posted. Find the most recent Story you've posted, and select it so it will be added to the Highlight. Then tap "Done" in the top right corner.

4. Now when you look at your home screen, the Highlight you selected will be at the front of the line. But that Story you added to it probably doesn't fall into that Highlight category. That's where the next steps come in. Tap the Highlight again, select "More" in the bottom right corner, and tap "Edit Highlight".

5. Now unselect the Story you just added to the Highlight, and click "Done" in the top right hand corner.

6. Now the Highlight is still at the front of the line, without the extra Story in it. You can repeat this process as often as you need to bump Highlights to the front of the line.

If you want to know what you should try to have in your highlights, check out this blog post called How to Make Your IG Highlights Pop. And remember, as Instagram moves more and more towards a video only platform, make sure your Highlights are full of engaging video Stories.


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