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Social Media Crisis Management: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

SOS! Your brand is dealing with a social media crisis. What can you do to calm down the chaos and turn things around before getting canceled? A social media crisis is more than just a random negative comment or anonymous troll, it’s a growing movement of disdain and distrust of your brand. No matter how carefully you plan your social media, crises can happen to the best of us—and they move quickly. Brands are run by human beings and we inevitably make mistakes and fall prey to ever-evolving cultural context and social sentiment. But if there’s no way to prevent social media crises, what can brands do to mitigate them? The key is to be prepared with an action plan for your organization. Let’s break it down…

What is a social media crisis?

A social media crisis occurs when online activity causes damage to your brand’s reputation. Again, these are more than just the occasional critical comment or unhappy customer DM (which you should never ignore!). These are errors that have the potential to really hurt your business. Shared sentiment can spread like wildfire over social media (and, as you know, a post can go viral for bad reasons as well as good ones). Therefore, it’s important to act FAST!

What causes a social media crisis?

Many things can spark social media crises. Some are in your direct control…and some are not. Either way, there are steps you and your company can take to reduce the risk of the following:

  • Insensitive or offensive posts - Memes, comments, and posts can come off as inappropriate or out-of-touch even if they’re well-intended. It’s always a good idea to have a second set of eyes on social media content prior to posting, especially if it involves humor, sarcasm, or a sensitive topic.

  • Bad customer service - Your employees are the face of your brand. Unhelpful or rude customer service can cause a customer to take their frustration to social media and make a personal incident a much more public issue.

  • Employee behavior - What your employees say and do online can also come back to reflect poorly on your company. While everyone is entitled to their own online autonomy, it’s important to set rules in place to establish online conduct (especially in relation to your brand).

  • Poor quality - In addition to poor customer service, poor quality products and services may also warrant negative reviews on social media sites. And nowadays, people turn to social media for product research and reviews over search engines like Google.

  • Automatic posts - Social media management apps are amazing because they allow you to schedule posts in advance. However, this can get you into trouble if a crisis arises (either about your brand or some other newsworthy event). At the first sign of a crisis, pause all automatic posts so that your brand doesn’t come off as ignorant of what’s going on.