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What Makes a Viral Video?

Has your content ever gone viral? Ours has (#humblebrag). When content ‘goes viral,’ it rapidly gains attention, engagement, and shares across platforms, reaching a huge and diverse audience. Just like a virus, viral content spreads quickly! 

BUT, as we’ve said before, your goal shouldn’t be for your video content to go viral. Why? Here are three reasons: 1) You’re probably overlooking your goals by reaching for your 15 minutes of fame, 2) you’re likely compromising some of your brand values (placing eyeballs over ethics), and 3) you’re not understanding what really makes content go viral. 

Going viral should just be a wonderful happenstance of your incredible and strategic content (*cough cough* Are you a member of the Content Calendar Club yet?). However, there are a few steps you can take that can boost your video’s potential virality (or, at least, boost its engagement online). 

10 Ways You Can Improve Video Virality On Social Media

1. Emotional draw

You want to make your audience feel something whether that’s joy, empathy, aspiration, hope, or something else compelling. This will inspire them to share the video with others.

2. Relatability

If your video resonates with your audience, it’s more likely that they’ll pass it along to their peers (who will likely relate to the video, too). For a video to go viral, you typically want to resonate with a wide audience (rather than a niche one) for maximum reach.

3. Humor

Videos that are funny have a higher chance of going viral. But don’t add humor