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What’s Up With Triller? And should you be on it?

Video platforms are all the rage on social media. You've probably heard of TikTok (if not, bet it's been nice living under a rock the past 6 months) but have you heard of its competitor Triller? Triller is a video editing app that leans heavily on AI to put together a perfect music video out of clips uploaded by users. Triller might just be music's next big launch pad. Users can create content to music from the entirety of Spotify and Apple Music's libraries. So should you jump ship from TikTok to Triller? Let's dive in.

What’s the difference between Triller and TikTok?

The only things holding Triller and TikTok in the same category is that they are video platforms where music can be added to the background of the video. Other than that, the two apps vary greatly. Triller is focused on the music industry, while TikTok caters to a broad range of interests from cooking to calligraphy. Triller uses AI to edit your videos for you, while TikTok uses AI to predict what sort of videos you want to watch. Triller doesn’t use big advertising partnerships like TikTok. Instead, Triller lets artists sign with labels and crowdfund from their viewers.

Should Triller be a priority for your brand?

If you have anything to do with the music industry, the answer is a resounding YES. Triller is the only platform that benefits the artist if their song goes viral through a video. This is a huge plus for musicians. Triller's base of users are dedicated, loyal music fans (especially in the genres of EDM and hiphop). If your brand has anything to do with music and you aren't on Triller, you are missing out on an opportunity to get in front of potential fans.

BONUS: Triller does a lot of the work for you when it comes to video editing. If you want to simply put video footage over a hit song without worrying about how to cut it all together, Triller may be the platform for you. But know that Triller prioritizes content made by music artists as opposed to what is currently trending or what viewers are interested in like TikTok does. If you aren't a part of the music industry, you probably want to spend your time posting content on other platforms. But hey ... maybe head over to Triller and secure your username just in case.

Is TikTok being sold? What's the deal.

Right now TikTok is in a massive sale negotiation. It's Oracle, Walmart, and The United States Government vs. Bytedance and the Chinese government. Yikes. The sale has come close to a deal, but as of today (Sep. 25, 2020), the sale still isn't official. There are a lot of gritty details we won't go into, but we do want to talk about the valuable TikTok algorithm that currently ... isn't even part of the deal. If Oracle and Walmart do end up gaining control of TikTok, they won't have access to the algorithm that drives TikTok's successful For You Page. This algorithm predicts (with great success) what videos users want to see in their feed. This prediction keeps viewers watching TikToks for hours on end, but without it there is great debate over whether users will stay with the platform. Triller is arguably the app waiting in the wings to fill that hole. But Instagram's Reel feature is one step ahead, especially with the recent announcement that Reels is going from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.

So What's Triller's Strategy to Win You Over?

While Triller has been around longer than TikTok with much less success, Triller isn't giving in without a fight. TikTok only allows users to use up to 1 minute of footage, while Triller allows you to create footage to the length of an entire song. This makes music lovers very happy. Also, Triller is poaching some high level TikTok talent to come over and create content on their app. TikTok star Josh Richards has 20+ million followers on TikTok, but after signing with Triller, he is trying to pull his following over with him. Triller also poached the D'Amelio sisters which is a pretty big deal if you're not fluent on the who's who of Gen Z. Will more major TikTok users follow suit? Only time (and TikTok's potential sale) will tell. Either way, if you aren't making video content for social media right now, you're behind the times. Join a video platform and start posting your creations ASAP. It's 2020 and video is King.

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