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You Can Schedule Your Instagram Lives

You know that we love scheduling our social media here at Media A La Carte. It allows us and our clients to stay in the moment day to day - without stressing about posts publishing to their socials. So when Instagram announced that Instagram Lives could now be scheduled, we were thrilled! In a recent post by @creators, Instagram announced that users could now schedule Instagram Lives, create feed posts that link to their scheduled Live, share the scheduled Live to their story, and use Practice Mode to prep for their Live before actually going Live. We have all the info on how these new features can help you!

How to Schedule Instagram Lives

1. Head the creator and scroll along the bottom until you get to "LIVE". Tap on the calendar icon on the left.

2. Add a title, pick the time for your Live, and then tap "Schedule Live Video".

3. Instagram will them suggest that you share your Live through a feed post. You can pick your own media to share to the feed, and Instagram will include a button that gives info on your scheduled Live and allows your followers to opt into reminders for your Live.

4. If you want to share your scheduled Live details to your story, head to the stickers tab and tap on the "Scheduled" sticker.

5. If you want to share a feed post with your scheduled Live details later, you can easily do that. Head back to your creator, scroll over to Live, and tap on the calendar icon like you did in step 1. Tap the 3 dots by your scheduled Live. Now you'll have the option to edit your Live or share your Live to your feed.

Check out all the details Instagram had to share about these new features in their @creators post below.

We're also so excited about the Practice Mode! If you've ever prepped for an Instagram Live, you know that that first minute of your Live can be awkward as you make sure your sound is working, your framing is right, and that your guest has joined. With Practice Mode, you'll be able to get all the glitches out of the way before your followers see anything.

Remember, Instagram does a slow roll out with new features. If you don't have access to scheduling your Instagram Lives yet, never fear - it's making its way to your account. Next time you're prepping for a Live, be sure to utilize all the tools Instagram is giving you so your reach can be as successful as possible.

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