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5 Reels Ideas to Try This Week

Sometimes the toughest part of content creation is the inspiration to START creating content. We're bringing you 5 ideas that are easy to execute so you can get your socials humming as we near the holidays.

1. Share 10 tips.

Layer 10 pieces of advice over a short aesthetic video. Keeping the video 7 - 10 seconds long means the reel will loop multiples times as viewers read the tips, racking up your views. Make sure you use the trending sound linked in the example below. We really weren't kidding when we said easy.

2. "I don't need to ⚠️Be Real⚠️."

Lip syncing isn't your thing? Film this trend that requires zero lip syncing or pointing. Share something you need in the second half of the video. We hopped on this trend early and we're currently featured on the top row of the audio page for this reel. Joining early pays off.

3. POV: You want to start doing something ... and you do it.

Start with a short clip with text that shares something you dreamed of doing. Then have pictures of you achieving your dream drop on beat for the rest of the reel with text that says, "and I did it."

4. "It's me. Hi. I'm the problem it's me."

Every time Taylor Swift drops new music there is guaranteed to be a trending audio. Share a situation where YOU are the problem with this comedic concept.

5. "A negroni ... sbagliato ... with processo in it."

This trend took TikTok by storm before making its way over to Instagram. Share something you love with this audio. It works best if every clip raises the level of how much you love something.

If you create reels with these trends, be sure to tag us on Instagram, so we can show you some love!

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