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Behind the Scenes Of Our Brand Photoshoot

It was time for Media À La Carte’s next brand photoshoot (read WHY you need a brand photoshoot). We like to schedule one annual shoot to get (nearly) all of the content we need for the year ahead. Yes, you read that right—We’ve mastered the entire photoshoot process so that we get EVERYTHING in just a single day. Pretty impressive, huh?

We use these photos for social media, our website, the Content Calendar Club, this blog, and so much more. Having a brand photoshoot is vital for defining your brand’s image, owning your images (and not having to deal with copyrights and permissions), curating a library of content so you can plan your posts in advance, and even uniting your team That’s why it is especially important to plan ahead and set the scene to have an efficient photoshoot day.

Don’t worry, we’re not about to gatekeep our recipe for success. Here’s how it all went down:

Our Recipe For a Successful

Brand Photoshoot

1. We had a team meeting

Amandina, Karli, and Astoncia got together to share ideas, objectives, and vision targets for the shoot. The trio made a Pinterest board for gathering inspiration and assigned team jobs so that team members who weren’t present would know what to focus on leading up to and on the day of the shoot. These jobs included: time keeper, props master, wardrobe, behind-the-scenes capture, and client correspondence during shoot. Not only was everyone on our team in the photoshoot, but when everyone has a role in ‘the machine,’ everyone is engaged and invested in the shoot.

2. We agreed on our WHY

Though it's exciting, it’s critical for you to determine the exact purpose of your photoshoot before your brand invests in said photoshoot. Our mission was to create a library of visual content that would supplement our offerings, bolster our social media, and further define our brand identity.