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Keywords for Instagram GIFs that are *Aesthetic*

You all loved our post on holiday GIF keywords so much that we're back with another list of keywords to search on Instagram. This time we have a round up of words that will get you that aesthetic look you're dreaming about on your stories. Play the videos to get a view of the GIFs in action.

1. "laurajaneillustrations"

These GIFs all share the same lettering and color scheme. If pink or green are in your brand colors, this keyword is perfect for you. We think this set is perfect for you if your Instagram is full of fun, youthful vibes.

2. "boho"

The plants. The warm colors. We love to see it. This keyword contains many rainbow options in different color schemes, which are currently super in on Instagram.

3. "simple"

Yup. It's as simple as typing in the word "simple". We think that polaroid GIF would be great for a "new post" Instagram story.

4. "anchetulil"

These GIFs are so intricate and detailed. If your Instagram has a darker vibe, this keyword is for you. Lots of floral options with some fun lettering thrown in.

5. "accent"

You get exactly what the keyword implies, perfect accent GIFs for your story. These are perfect when you want to add a little bit of visual interest to your story without pulling the focus too much.

Remember that your Instagram stories are an extension of your brand, so GIF choice is very important. Make sure you're finding keywords to search that match your brands aesthetic, keeping your viewers engaged no matter where they're viewing your content.


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