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Take an Inside Look at Our Launch Strategy

Phew! These past several weeks have been a whirlwind with the highly anticipated launch of our Content Calendar Club. Don’t know what we’re talking about? You must not be following us on Instagram yet (hint hint, hit “follow”).

But we'll save the gushing about the Content Calendar Club for later (seriously, we could do that all day!). What we’re really here to talk about is our launch strategy and execution. Here’s how it all went down…

With our over 20 years of combined marketing experience, we’ve seen so many business owners lament over feeling lost on social media. From working with over 100 clients, we noticed similarities in their complaints. They had no time, no ideas, and no strategy. And while we’re great at what we do (*insert ponytail toss), there’s no way we could do it all for everyone. So we figured, Why not empower business owners with the tools and techniques to master social media marketing themselves?

Inspired by this mission, we designed a one-of-a-kind offering—the Content Calendar Club—back in Fall 2022. With our full roster of other projects and clients, we too had to work strategically. We laid out a timeline to launch CCC by March of the new year.

January and February were focused on extreme growth. Our pre-launch strategy: reach as many new people as we could. And we did! Our follower count skyrocketed. How, did we lay out our pre-launch you ask?

1. Tuning in to our target audience.

At the start of 2023, we put out more general content directed at our target audience—”small business owners frustrated with the ever-changing landscape of social media and looking for a tried-and-true strategy.” Our content focused on providing answers (i.e. how to get on the ‘Explore’ page, easy trends, best times to post, etc.)—addressing our target audience’s needs so that we’d gain those followers in anticipation of our launch.

2. Upping our posting cadence.

While we had been functioning with a maintenance strategy of 4 posts a week at the end of 2022, during January and February we increased to posting 5-7 times per week for aggressive growth. Without over-posting, it was important that we 1) stayed present in our followers’ feeds, and 2) had a greater chance of appearing on users’ Explore Page.

3. Honing in on IG stories.

Although Instagram posts tend to get the most views (9-20% reach), Instagram stories (1.2-5.4% reach) foster higher engagement. Prior to our launch, we focused more time on IG stories and added more of our team members to personalize the platform. We utilized engagement tools like polls, Q&As, and CTAs like “swipe up to share your thoughts,” and more to get our followers to interact with our content.

What We Changed When the Club Went Live

1. Spamming our feed.

Does it count as “spamming” if you’re doing it on your own feed? Maybe…It sure did make us uncomfortable to post about our product launch every single day for 2 weeks. Even though it might seem like overkill, on average only 10% of your followers see your posts (#ouch). We had to make sure people knew about the Content Calendar Club. So, we kept on posting. And … It was worth it. Create content for multiple posts a day for 2 weeks is a MASSIVE time pull for your business, and it's very expensive if you are paying a social media manager to do it for you. Creating this content was an expensive internal cost that was worth investment.

This much content may make you lose some followers and you may receive some negative comments (see below). But guess what - those unfollows and negative commenters were never going to join your community anyway. Let them go.

But you know what might happen if you keep persistently posting about your offer. People will see it enough and learn enough about it to make the leap and join your community (see below). THOSE people are worth the effort. Focus on them.

2. Get personal on IG stories.

Our CEO Amandina showed up on Instagram stories more often than usual during our 2 week launch. Why? Because people connect with people! She shared personal BTS, launch insights, social media advice, and sprinkled in the incredible feedback and reviews we were already receiving from members of the Club. Want to really convert followers into customers? Get personal on your IG stories.

3. Adding incentive.

We added an additional incentive that would be particularly helpful for our target audience—free 30-minute rapid-fire sessions to the first 20 people who signed up for the Content Calendar Club. FREE expert advice in social media strategy?! Unheard of. This added incentive raised the stakes for our followers. Many may have been interested but hesitant to jump in right away. Now, they had motivation to be first in line.

Our launch was a HUGE success. And new members continue to join the Content Calendar Club each week. We’re so proud of the Club itself—of course! But we’re perhaps even more proud of the strategy that got us “from page to stage,” so they say. A great idea is cool. Putting that great idea into action is an exhilarating challenge. It takes insight, research, planning, dedication, and courage. If you can trust in your strategy and trust in your team, that’s the best setup for success.

Thank you to all our followers who’ve already joined the Content Calendar Club! It’s never too late to dive in and give it a try. Now it's time to gush.

What the Content Calendar Club is All About

The Content Calendar Club is the social media support you’ve been waiting for. It’s not a course you have to pay hundreds of dollars to enroll in or an obscure impersonal agency to which you outsource all your digital marketing. It’s exactly what you need to design a strategic, consistent posting plan for your brand.

Now, we all know that social media marketing is where it’s at. It’s straightforward, accessible, and affordable for brands of all sizes and industries. And, that’s also the problem—everyone is on social media and there is SO. MUCH. CONTENT. How are you supposed to stand out from the crowd and actually be seen by your target audience? Plus, it feels like each social platform keeps changing its algorithm … Do they favor heavy or short captions, still images or reels, follower count or engagement? The landscape keeps shifting. What’s a brand supposed to do?!

The answer is not by following the latest trends, by focusing solely on Instagram reels, or by coming up with one or two new ideas each month. Instead, the Content Calendar Club provides you with:

  • Carousel, reel, post, story, and caption prompts for one post every single day laid out in a PDF content calendar

  • The choice between service OR product focused business models (because a business coach can’t be making the same content as a florist)

  • Insight on how to repurpose your content on multiple platforms

  • A private support group on Facebook for extra access to ask questions and get feedback

  • Unlimited access to our shop of eBooks, guides, and templates

  • Exclusive access to book 1:1 services with Amandina or Hollyn at 10% off

And for only $47 a month (with the ability to cancel membership at any time), you won’t find an opportunity like this anywhere else. Trust us—We’ve looked!

And we heard you. We get it; you’re sick of feeling behind the curve. That’s why the Content Calendar Club is perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and social media managers looking to grow more confident in their ‘social’ status (pun very much intended).

It’s finally time to stop feeling intimidated by social media marketing.