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Top TikTok Trends for March 2022

Don't have the time to search for the best TikTok trends to adapt to your niche this month? We've got you covered. Try these out ASAP so you don't miss the trend.

1. "I'm not a person."

This is a pet centered trend, and we all know that pet content is fire on socials. Use a clip of yourself venting to your pet about something, and then switch to a clip of your pet looking bored or confused when the music says "I'm not a person."

2. "Isn't this easy?"

Isn't this lip syncing trend easy? Simply put something that you think is easy to do that some people seem to still not do all the time. Ex. me not giving unsolicited advice to business owners

3. Reading Rainbow theme song

Do you ever completely zone out or give up on a topic that seems boring or too difficult to comprehend? You've got to do to this trend. This hilarious combination of an intricate filter and the Reading Rainbow theme song is sure to get you views.

4. "... the way she moves."

What are you hiding behind your answer or a skill set? Hide your secret behind your body, and move your camera with the beat to reveal it. Ex. "Your cookies are so delicious!" Move the camera to reveal the package from the bakery you bought them from.

5. "I don't know my fruits."

Another lip syncing trend! Use this trend to get to the root of something you misidentified at first glance.

6. "This is what dreams are made of ..."

Start this trend with a happy video of yourself in the past, and then a video of yourself even happier now in the present. Works great with couples, growing families, business before and afters, home renovations - it's a very versatile trend.

TikTok trends tend to slowly make their way over to Instagram Reels, so when you make these TikToks be sure to screen record your draft (without the watermark) so you can repurpose your content for IG later. Now get to it!

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