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Trending Music on Instagram Reels That Works for Any Niche

We all know that hopping on trends on Reels is essential for racking up the views on Instagram ... but what if lip syncing doesn't match your branding? Or if you want to share your own educational content that doesn't adapt well to trends? You need to start taking advantage of trending music in the background of your Reels. You'll gain views from the trending music, but you'll have your own message laid over it. Here are 5 trending songs on Instagram Reels that are perfect for your next educational Reel.

1. Wind Song by Ludovico Einaudi

This song is perfect for displaying anything with a dreamy aesthetic, and it also adapts well to a moody vibes. The example Reel below displays how to arrange a kitchen countertop - no hook, no comedy, no lip syncing, but the trending music (and excellent filming) has helped this Reel reach 217K views.

2. Hard Times by Paramour

This trending music is fun. It's perfect for a camera roll dump recapping your month, mini vlogs, product display, etc. It's perfect for the sunlit, spring vibes we've all been longing for.

3. Just a Cloud Away by Pharrell Williams

This upbeat song with its quick repetitive phrasing is perfect for stitching together multiple clips. Check out this GRWM video that displays different angles of the outfit as the beat hits. Using a trending audio can help an oversaturated trend like GRWM stand out in the crowd.

4. Original Audio by diutoajoku

Like the music above, this audio is perfect for stitching multiple quick clips together. We think this audio by @diutoajoku is perfect for fashion, product display, before and afters, etc. The possibilities are endless. It's short nature and the fast switching between clips will keep your viewers watching your Reel on loop.

5. Beside You by Eric Godlow

If you want to do a voiceover Reel where you explain what's happening on camera, it's essential that you choose trending music to play quietly in the background. The video below by @zerowastedaniel is a perfect example. Many of the audios above would also be great with voiceovers.

BONUS TIP 🔥: If you really feel like you can't find trending music that matches your brand to go under your voiceover, you can add the trending song to your Reel but then turn the audio down to zero. You get the audio attached to your Reel without anyone actually hearing it.

By carefully selecting your background music, you can capitalize on a trend while still creating the content that best represents your brand. Don't just pick your favorite songs to play over your Reels. Pick songs that have been proven to be crowd favorites on Instagram, and you'll see your views begin to rise.

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