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Why Pinterest Is “In” Again From a GenZ Perspective

Let’s talk about Pinterest. I can remember downloading this app while I was in middle school to keep up with what was trending at the time. Obviously what was trending in 2015 is very much out today, but seeing chevron and overly glittery nails in my old boards is extremely nostalgic.

A few months ago when I saw that Pinterest was back and trendy again, I was kind of shocked but also excited. Over the last few years, I only used it to look up recipes, not as a social media platform. Kind of like the TikTok For You Page, the Pinterest browse page always keeps me captivated and scrolling.

When we were planning our Media À La Carte team photoshoot in June, Pinterest was our best friend. We pulled hundreds of inspiration photos to make a mood board for the shoot. We were able to pull aesthetic photos from Pinterest to share our vision of a lux, high-end photo shoot. Scrolling through the app was so much fun because there was so much content, and it’s applicable for just about anything you are looking for.

Pinterest launched in 2010 and only had 10,000 users 9 months after its founding. As of April 2022, there are 433 million monthly users. In just over a decade, this platform has changed how users search, myself included. Want to redesign your living room? Head to Pinterest for inspiration. Heading to the nail salon? Check out Pinterest for the latest trending nails to show your stylist. Don’t know what to cook for dinner tonight? Look no further, Pinterest has a plethora of quick and easy recipes for your convenience.

When I was in high school, I dug through the depths of Pinterest to find the perfect updo for my prom hair. I made an entire board for my nails, hair, and makeup to ensure I had an inspo picture for each. One thing that hasn’t changed about Pinterest is using the platform as a source of inspiration.

While Pinterest is still a great place to look for inspiration, there are many aspects that are great for brands as well. Something that’s unique about Pinterest is that you are able to create pins and “repin” content from other users, which puts their pin on your own feed. You can also sort your pins and repins into boards, which are categories created by you.

When it comes to creating your own pin you have the ability to add a destination link to the pin. This is a gamechanger because when you click on the image or video, it will bring the user straight to the link you want them to be led to. You can link an image to your blog, your Instagram account, your website … You name it; you can add it. This brings traffic to your brand. With the sheer number of users on Pinterest, it is a great way to get your brand discovered.

One of Pinterest’s newest features is its Creator Fund which launched in April of 2022. This is Pinterest’s new initiative focused on “fostering creator talent through financial and educational support” while creating an inclusive community where diverse content and its creators are found.

Doesn’t this sound enticing? The creator fund was so popular that they are no longer taking applications for this cycle, but Pinterest says that there will be more opportunities in the future. Until then, be sure to work on boosting your profile and following because you need to have at least 250 followers and be active on the app to join.

It might seem intimidating to start on Pinterest but there is an entire community waiting for you! Help someone find their next inspiration photo, post tips for your niche, or even promote your product or service. Make sure to add a destination link, keywords in the caption, and a searchable title.

Pinterest is in again, so make sure you get in with it.

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