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3 Cute Designs to Try on Your IG Stories

We're bringing you 3 cute designs you can create on your Instagram Stories from within the app that require ZERO graphic design software or skills. We think you're gonna love these.

1. Make Your New Post Float in the Clouds

1. Share a post to your story, and then search for "clouds" in GIFs. Pick a cloud GIF and use it once on either side of your post. Make sure you tap your post so it comes in front of the GIFs.

2. Select the second font. Type a period, and tap on the text effect button twice. Use the color picker to select a color for the background of the text box. Then expand the tax box until it create a diagonal block on the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. Use the second font again. Type a period, but only tap the text effect button once. Drag this block down to the bottom right corner so it overlaps your first block in the bottom center of the screen.

4. Use the third font from the end. Write the words "new post" with a space between all of the letters and three spaces between the words. Center the text above your post.

5. We think this new post design is completely adorable. Watch the video to see it in action.

2. Rainbow Sticker Effect

1. Start an Instagram story by taking a picture of anything (don't worry we'll be covering it up), and then searching for the word "rainbow" in GIFs.

2. Pick a GIF, expand it to the full size of the screen, and then click save.

3. Now start a new Instagram story with the video you just saved. Go to the camera roll option, and upload your photo on top of the video.

4. Use the color picker to select a color in your photo that will cover up the background. Touch and hold anywhere on the background until the color fills it in.

5. Now switch to the eraser. Start tapping to erase little circles in the background, letting the rainbow GIF pop through. Continue until the dots are spread out across the background.

6. Check out the video below for the final effect! This aesthetic definitely doesn't match Media A La Carte's brand, but we still think that it's a cute trick that could be perfect for someone else.

3. Dreamy Coffee Story

1. Grab your cup of coffee (or empty mug in our scenario) and take a photo of it from above.

2. Type the word coffee with a space between each letter. We suggest using the last font option, but you can pick what matches your aesthetic. Center the word below the coffee mug.

3. Now write a line about what coffee means to you. Center it below the word coffee.

4. Now use the second font from the end and write your time in two separate sections, so you can make them different sizes. Put them in the top right corner.

5. Use the last font for this step. Repeatedly hit the underscore button until you have a straight line. Create two lines and place them around the time, as shown below.

6. Search the word "sahexplica cafezim". Pick one of the moving coffee GIFs to put on top of your mug.

7. Watch the video of the result below. Super cute. Ideal for coffee lovers (us 🙋🏻‍♀️).

You don't have to be a graphic designer or need to pay for additional software to have unique, swipe stopping stories. Try these out, and let us know what you think!


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