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5 Ways to Adapt Trends To Fit Your Brand the Right Way

So, you want to hop on a social media trend, eh? Cool! Social media trends are topics, behaviors, challenges, or hashtags that are popular (i.e. viral) at any given moment. Participating in trends can be a great way for brands to increase visibility, build engagement, exhibit authenticity, amplify reach, collaborate with influencers, and more! But, that doesn’t mean brands should latch onto just any trend that pops up on their explore page. It’s important to look at your social media strategy and choose to participate in trends that align with your brand and goals. Here’s a short list of some of the latest trends on social media:

You might already be thinking, Some of these trends don’t make sense for my business. And you’re right! Just because something is trending does not mean you should automatically jump right on the bandwagon. Hopping on just any old trend (or the wrong trend) can diminish your brand’s reputation as quickly as strategizing the right trend can make you go viral. Here are Media À La Carte’s 5 ways to adapt trends to fit your