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How To Create a Social Media Strategy

Without a social media strategy, your brand is like a car without a map (not even GoogleMaps). Your social media strategy is essentially your game plan when it comes to social media marketing. It denotes exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing, what you’re going to execute, and how you’ll make it all happen.

Strategy gives your marketing cohesiveness and direction. It’ll help you and your team stay on track towards your goals, or adjust your way back on track if you fall off course.

Here are the 8 steps to building your own social media strategy. Remember to be specific yet concise so that your plan is actionable and measurable.

8 Steps to Building Your Own Social Media Strategy

1. Define your goals

What are your goals and objectives for the upcoming 3 months, 6 months, or year? Do you want to boost sales, build brand awareness, or increase email subscribers? Your goals will act as your target throughout your strategy. Throughout each stage, you’ll circle back to your goals to ensure everything is aligned and moving in the right direction. So, make sure your goals are right for your brand right now, since they’ll act as the foundation for your social media strategy.

2. Understand your audience

Do you know everything you could possibly know about your target audience? What are their demographics (location, age/generation, education, gender, etc.) and psychographics (behaviors, hobbies, preferences, etc.)? What can the unique qualities about your audience tell you about how you want to market to them? For example, certain social media platforms, types of content, and tone are more widely used by certain generations. Create buyer-personas, research-based representations of potential customers.

Here’s your chance to do some serious social media stalking (for research purposes, of course). Seeing what and how your competitor brands are marketing their products and services can help show you what you want to be doing better (or, what you do not want to be doing).

4. Do a social media audit