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How to Master the Instagram Algorithm: 2024 Edition

As Taylor Swift would say, “Are you ready for it?” Hope so, because we’re diving into 8 ways YOU can beat the Instagram algorithm in 2024. All algorithms are not alike, and Instagram’s own has changed over the years since it started back in 2010. An ‘algorithm’ is a process or set of rules to be followed in a calculation. When it comes to social media, that means the set of rules that prioritize certain content over others. While the actual Instagram algorithm isn’t public, we can deduce what the ‘gram’ likes today. Remember—the algorithm often changes. When Instagram was first founded, it was just a photo app. Now it hosts video, live streams, shopping, messaging, and more. So, buckle your seatbelts…Here are 8 ways to master the Instagram algorithm: 2024 edition.

8 Ways to Master the Instagram Algorithm In 2024

1. Share, share, share

It’s critical to post consistently and in all the ways Instagram has to offer: posts, stories, reels, and lives. Believe it or not, we believe in prioritizing quantity over quality. Here’s why.

  • Mix up your feed with different kinds of content like images, carousels, text-focused posts, and more.

  • On IG stories, use Instagram stickers (polls, emojis, and question stickers) to encourage engagement. Stories are compelling for users but can be difficult to maintain for brands since they’re gone within 24 hours. Use programs like SocialPilot to pre-plan your IG Stories ahead of time.

  • Reels are still (currently) Instagram’s preference when it comes to content (plus they take up the most space on the Explore Page). It makes sense…Users are much less likely to scroll past a moving video than a static image. So, here’s your sign to up your video content on your profile. Create a how-to video, behind-the-scenes feature, or film a short UGC ad to freshen up your feed. Here’s more about IG Reels.

  • Lives can seem scary, but they’re a great way to show up authentically for your audience. Host an interview or answer frequently asked questions to help your followers get to know you.

2. Use keywords and hashtags

Relevant hashtags can boost your brand’s discoverability. Using even one hashtag boosts your interactions by 29%. A Later study showed that posts with 20 hashtags garnered the most engagement, and we are fans of more hashtags rather than less. But don’t go for generic hashtags that have been used a million times. Focus on more nuanced keywords so you’ll actually stand out in people’s searches. Here’s how to implement a hashtag strategy.

3. Engage authentically

Luckily, Instagram wants you to work smarter and not harder. Put your effort into strengthening relationships by promptly responding to comments and direct messages. Authenticity and transparency are especially important to Gen Z. Read more about how to market to Gen Z here.

4. Micro-blog

Instagram now provides more space for captions…So use it! Be creative and informative. Nowadays users are more apt to read extended captions rather than scroll on by. Get personal and be relatable.

5. Become a favorite

Ask your followers to like, share, save, and engage with your content. They can even ‘favorite’ your account (*users can ‘favorite’ up to 50 accounts to a personal favorites feed).

6. Cross-Promote

Use Instagram’s features (like stories and reels) and your other social media platforms to cross-promote your content. Make sure a link to your Instagram account is accessible via your newsletter, website, and sales platforms. 

7. Use analytics

Make use of the tools that Instagram provides to measure your KPIs (key performance indicators). Instagram analytics can tell you a lot about what’s working (and not working) in your social media strategy. Find out the best times to post, what kind of content is performing best, and how your current audience breaks down so you can keep improving your game. Here’s how to make sense of social media analytics.

8. Run an ad

Check out our blog all about paid ads on social. 

Our best advice? Try to stay up to date with Instagram’s latest features. Don’t be afraid to explore and play around with different and new features. You won’t know what works until you try. 

Need a little hand-holding as you navigate Instagram’s ever-evolving algorithm? We’re here for you. Book a discovery call with Media À La Carte so we can learn more about you and help you master the Instagram algorithm for yourself. 

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