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Keywords for Light and Airy Instagram GIFs

Ever since we discovered that there were hidden GIFs on Instagram that were only accesible if you knew what to search for, we've been obsessed with tracking down keywords for the best GIFs. There are so many talented creators making great art on Instagram; you just have to know where to look for it. Simply type the keywords below into the search bar in the GIF section of Instagram. If you have a light and airy aesthetic on Instagram, the GIFs in this blog will be perfect additions to your Instagram Stories.

1. vipapier

We love this set of GIFs because of the color scheme and the simple textured stickers. That pink swatch would be perfect to layer under text that you want to make readable on top of a photo. Also - how cute are those croissants?

2. seasonjours

This set is boho chic dreams. That to - do list is giving us major work from home vibes, and we love it. P.S. You will be seeing that ice cream cone GIF in our stories this summer.

3. rizzprints

The Macbook GIF could be in almost every single one of our Instagram Stories if we're being honest. Still working on that "work life balance" here at Media A La Carte. We love the coffee cup options from this keyword, as well as the cute plants.

4. mikyla

This keyword screams summer. Catch us in big hats floating at the pool for the next 4 months.

5. lidiaontheroad

This keyword is full of encouraging phrases to add to your Instagram Story. We couldn't even begin to fit all of the positive GIFs available from this keyword into this blog post. If you're looking to add some light and love to your IG Stories, this keyword is for you. Also, that book stack is perfect for sharing your summer reads.

Spend time curating your Instagram Stories with the same love and care you give to your grid. Stories are a great way to catch your followers before they start scrolling their Instagram feed. Instead of using the GIFs that pop up with generic search words like "coffee" or "summer", try out these GIFs to make your followers wonder, "Where did they find that GIF?"


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